Blot, Stain And ***: Mehbooba Blocks Gautam Gambhir After Twitter Spat

After Ugly Twitter Spat, Here Is What Happened Between Mebooba Mufti And Gautam Gambhir.
After Ugly Twitter Spat, Here Is What Happened Between Mebooba Mufti And Gautam Gambhir.

Cricketer-turned-politician Gautam Gambhir on Monday was blocked by PDP chief and former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Mehboota Mufti on Twitter after a spat between them on controversial Article 370.

The spat began with Mufti’s tweet, saying the revocation of the Article 370, which grants special status to Jammu and Kashmir, would mean the Indian Constitution would not apply to the state any more. The Bharatiya Janata Party, which Gambhir joined in March, has promised to scrap the article in its election manifesto.

Mufti used a couplet from a poem by Allama Iqbal, the translation of which means: “O people of Hindustan, you will die if you do not understand even now, and your memories too would be wiped out from history.”

On Tuesday, Gambhir responded: “India is not a blot like you which can be wiped out.” Mufti replied: “Hope your political innings in the BJP is not as abysmal as your cricket career!”

Mufti blocked him on the social media platform for some time, after which the two took more swipes at each other. Here are their tweets:

Following this comment, Mehbooba Mufti had first blocked Gambhir on her social network but 10 hours later unblocked him. She responded to Gambhir’s tweet saying “Hope your political innings in BJP isn’t as abysmal as your cricket career!”.

What followed was a Twitter fight between the two. Gautam Gambhir hit back at Mehbooba Mufti for unblocking him after 10 hours and slammed her for coming up with a “pedestrian analogy”. “It shows lack of depth in your personality,” he said.

Mehbooba Mufti in a final blow to Gautam Gambhir said “I worry for your mental health. I am used to people trolling but this level of stalking is unhealthy. I would imagine most people sleep at night. Better to stay quiet since you don’t know anything about Kashmir. Here blocking you now so u can do the Rs 2 per tweet trolling somewhere else”.

The PDP chief took to Twitter again Tuesday to express that a cricketer should stick to cricket and shouldn’t get into issues like Kashmir if they hold no knowledge about it.

“Take your aggression to the field and once you’re done hang your boots with grace,” she said.

On April 2, Gambhir had also gotten into an argument on Twitter with Omar Abdullah over the National Conference leader’s statement that his party would work towards restoring the post of “prime minister” in Jammu and Kashmir.

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