Mizoram is now Manipur, according to rahul gandhi

Mizoram is now Manipur, according to rahul gandhi
Mizoram is now Manipur, according to rahul gandhi

Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Monday mistakenly referred to Mizoram as Manipur on Twitter, exposing himself to criticism ahead of the assembly polls in the northeastern state.

The glitch occurred while Mr Gandhi was sharing a story on Sainik Schools in Mizoram opening its doors to girls after over half a century. The only problem was, he referred to the state as Manipur.

The tweet has since been deleted from Mr Gandhi’s Twitter account, but that could not prevent his political critics from targeting him. BJP IT cell head Amit Malviya posted a screenshot of Mr Gandhi’s tweet, quipping that such ignorance about the northeastern state is “problematic”.


This is not the first time the Congress president has inadvertently presented incorrect information in a tweet. Last year, he posted a table detailing the rise in prices of certain commodities, including LPG, lentils, tomatoes, onions and milk, but got the numbers wrong. He later deleted the tweet and posted another with a corrected table.

Nevertheless, leaders from other parties have also fallen prey to the accidental slip-of-tongue. In 2014, soon after Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister by a thumping majority, he referred to Bhutan as “Nepal” while addressing the joint session of the neighbouring nation’s parliament in Thimpu. Netizens reacted by posting hashtags such as #Bhutan, #Nepal and #TravelTipstoModi.




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