Deadly rumours: How A WhatsApp Fake News Led to Brutal Mob Lynchings in India

Fake WhatsApp rumours trigger series of mob lynching across the country
Fake WhatsApp rumours trigger series of mob lynching across the country

WhatsApp is being helmed as the new serial killer in our country. Many mob lynching cases were reported from various parts of the country in recent weeks after fake news started circulating on WhatsApp. More than 31 people were murdered across more than 10 states after rumours of child-lifting spread on WhatsApp, driving people into a mad mob lynching spree.

Here is the timeline of mob lynchings caused by fake Whatsapp message:-
Fake WhatsApp rumours trigger series of mob lynching across the country
Fake WhatsApp rumours trigger series of mob lynching across the country
3 July 2018

WEST BENGAL: A middle-aged man was severely beaten up by villagers in Bolpur today. The villagers alleged the man, who was driving a taxi, tried to force an 11-year-old girl into his vehicle when she was playing in a field at Rajatpur, in the outskirts of Bolpur town. They took him to the village and beat him up severely before handing him over to the police.

1 July 2018

MAHARASHTRA: Five persons were killed in Maharashtra’s Dhule district on 1 July 2018 by villagers, who suspected them to be a part of a gang of “child lifters”. Twenty-three people have been arrested so far for their alleged involvement, reported ANI.

June 28 2018

TRIPURA: Three people were lynched while two others were critically injured in separate incidents in Tripura a couple days after kidneys of an 11-year-old boy were allegedly found missing.

Sukanta Chakraborty was one of the three people killed in Tripura. He was hired by Tripura’s Information and Culture department to campaign against rumour-mongering, ended up being lynched late on June 28.

June 26 2018

A mob of around 30 people lynched a 45-year-old woman beggar to death in Gujarat.

June 13 2018

A 30-year-old homeless man was tied to an electricity post and beaten to death by a mob in Bengal’s Malda district. The police rushed to the scene and took the him to the Malda Medical College and Hospital. However, he died.

June 8 2018

Two friends Nilotpal Das (29), a sound engineer, and Abhijit Nath (30), an engineering dropout, were bludgeoned to death on June 8 2018. The tourists from Guwahati were battered to death in Assam’s Karbi Anglong district on suspicion of being child lifters.The two were beaten on the streets mercilessly by the mob. The two men cried and gave their identitie as Assamese but were constantly beaten to death.

June 8 2018

Two men were allegedly beaten to death and seven others were injured, one of them critically, after a mob of villagers attacked them on suspicion of being robbers in Chandgaon village in Vaijapur taluka on June 8. The attack was allegedly triggered by fake messages circulated on the social media.

May 28 2018

A mad mob lynched a 52-year-old transgender and seriously injured three others in Andhra Pradesh over suspicions of child trafficking.

May 25 2018

A 26-year-old youth was beaten to death by a group of enraged men who mistook him for a child-lifter.

At least four people were lynched and several others beaten up in two Telugu states—Andhra Pradesh & Telangana. The people who lynched him suspected that they were child trafficker.

May 10 2018

Two innocent people were killed by a mob in Tamil Nadu over a WhatsApp forward asking people not to trust.

May 18

In Jharkhand , eight people were lynched by mobs amid rumours of child stealing gangs.

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