Congress Has Insulted Honest Middle-Class, Here Is How

PM Modi is making an emotional appeal to the country in the name of the middle-class?
PM Modi is making an emotional appeal to the country in the name of the middle-class?

It seems like PM Modi has the right words for each constituency. Making an emotional appeal to the country in the name of the middle-class and the police personnel’s sacrifice for the land, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday launched a scathing attack on the entire opposition at Bandra-Kurla complex (BKC)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said that the confuse Congress party would win at the most 40 to 50 on Friday, he reached out to the middle class and lauded contribution of honest middle-class towards various welfare schemes and told that for the first time in history of Nation’s budget, Government has on record thanked the middle class for it.

PM Thanked fishermen, Dabbawalas, Kaali-Pili Taxiwaalaas, Conservancy Staff & Many For This Reason

Thanking various sections of Mumbaikars including fishermen, Dabbawalas, Kaali-Pili Taxiwaalaas, conservancy staff for keeping Mumbai going despite all issues and attacks like 26/11 terror attacks and bomb blasts, Modi said, “the Chowkidaar could undertake various welfare measures only because of huge contribution by middle class. After my one line appeal crores of them gave up gas subsidy which resulted in providing gas cylinder to crores of households. There are four million senior citizens who have given their senior citizens subsidy of railway tickets and are paying full fare. Whetehr it is blood donation, eye donation or even body donation, middle class is always ahead.” He also mentioned Mumbaikars for their immense contribution in beach cleaning.

The Congress had insulted the middle class by dubbing it as Selfish

Expressing his gratitude to Mumbai’s dabbawalas, taxi drivers and sewage cleaners, he praised the middle-class for its contribution towards nation-building, while claiming that the Congress insulted this very section of people.

“I bow down to the middle class and very proud of them. The Congress says the middle class is very self-centred, selfish and greedy. The party’s manifesto doesn’t have a single thing about the middle class. How does it want to run the country? It wants to burden the middle class with more taxes,” he said.

Modi Responded On Pragya Thakur’s Remarks

Responding to Pragya Thakur’s controversial remarks about Hemant Karkare, Modi emphasised that everyone needs to respect martyrs. “The Congress, however, has created such an atmosphere that everyone treats policemen as punching bags,” he said.

He further said that the grand old party was struck in the last century and cannot understand the aspirations of the modern youth. He also predicted that the Congress would not cross 50 seats in the election. Running down the party further, he said this time it was contesting the least number of seats ever.

India is the fastest growing economy in the world

Changing gears and patting his government on the back, day, he said India is the fastest growing economy in the world and there is more foreign investment coming than ever before. Likewise, India is manufacturing more mobiles than ever before. ‘‘Once upon a time, a telephone bill was a huge chunk of the budget of a middle class family.

But due to efforts of the government, calling is almost free, data is also the cheapest in the world,’’ he added, citing one of his accomplishments. ‘‘In the last 5 years, we have increased the number of taxpayers, not tax. Our policy is exactly 180 degrees different from that of the Congress,’’ he asserted.

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