MP Election War:- Who Will Win? What Local Survey Says? Read To Know More!

In the first major opinion poll, Shivraj Singh Chouhan-led BJP is predicted to storm back to power winning 153 of the total 230 seats in the Vidhan Sabha.

In the first major opinion poll, Shivraj Singh Chouhan-led BJP is predicted to storm back to power winning 153 of the total 230 seats in the Vidhan Sabha. The prime Opposition Congress, which was restricted to 51 in the last assembly polls, will improve its tally up to 58, the Times Now survey claimed.

who will win MP elections?
who will win MP elections?

MP Assembly Elections 2018: Opinion Poll Predicts Saffron Sweep

Party Seats Won (2013) Seats Predicted (2018) Segments’ Swing
BJP 165 153 -12
Congress 51 58 +7
BSP 04 12 +8
Others 03 14 +11

The survey participants were also quizzed on their most preferred chief ministerial choice. While 61 per cent reaffirmed faith in the incumbent CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan, only 17 per cent said they would want Congress’ Jyotiraditya Scindia to be projected as the CM candidate. Meanwhile, Congress state unit chief Ajay Singh, party veteran Kamal Nath and ex-CM Digvijaya Singh were the choice of only 6, 5 and 4 per cent participants respectively.

A citizen Opinion:-In favour of BJP

BY Chinmay Khandelwal

People still hate Digvijay Singh rule (congress rule) Or sindhiya

PREVIOUS – As far as I remember those days were pathetic. Worst conditions of the road. The power cut was too frequent.

At my place Power cut was for every alternate 3 HOURS.

NOW– Not a single minute of a power cut. (and if it is, then because of some maintenance or weather conditions.)

Focus on bringing IT to the state

PREVIOUS – Well it was Digvijay Singh who set up the IT park in Indore but did nothing for years after laying the stone.

NOW – It is the efforts of Shivraj Singh Chouhan that IT companies are coming to Indore and setting up their business there. (TCS and Infosys already started their business here)

Global investors summit

In favour of BJP
In favour of BJP

PREVIOUS – Not a single summit happened in the previous regime.

NOW – Too many Mou’s with the corporates which are ultimately now being shown up on the ground.

VIT University, Symbiosis University, Narsee monjee. All the above mentioned prestigious universities already started their institutes here. Food park, defence park etc are coming to the state. Above mention, corporates are coming because of efforts of the current regime. Road connectivity is very good with roads are in proper condition (at least at my place and nearby)

Indore and Bhopal ranked 1 and 2 in swaccha Bharat rankings 2017

I have seen my state growing from the sluggish bad performing BIMAARU state to one of the fastest growing states. (Though I am not saying everything is going perfect in current regime but surely it’s a lot literally a lot better than what Congress provided in previous years Current govt has to deal with the increasing corruption at the ground level. It has to deal with the sluggishness of the system(bureaucracy) (if it will then it will be the turning point for the state).

Conclusion– Being the citizen of the state, I am neither too happy (because still alot has to be done) nor disappointed. I m just optimistic about the current regime.

BY Ashish Gupta:- In favour of Congress

if Congress can win the Madhya Pradesh Elections 2018.

Growing anti-incumbency against BJP might have an effect on Madhya Pradesh elections 2018-

Out of the fifteen years for which the BJP has been in power, Shivraj Singh Chauhan (Chauhan) has been the Chief Minister for thirteen and his present term has not been particularly pleasurable, personally as well as for his government. Two issues particularly have been the highlight of the growing discontent among the people against the chief minister and his government.

First, concerns about the role of the government in relation to the Vyapam Scam. These concerns are twofold – active part of former ministers, and allegations against Chauhan and next, the omission of the government to provide adequate security to the several stakeholders who died mysterious deaths.

Second is the government’s questionable policy towards farmers, especially deaths caused by police opening fire on protesting farmers in Mandsaur district. The demands revolved around the twin aspects of increase in the Minimum Support Price, and writing-off agrarian loans. The government has come up with the Mukhyamantri Bhavantar Bhugtan Yojana as a solution to the demands and it remains to be seen if it becomes successful. Furthermore, the state’s budget starting on Republic Day is expected to address these concerns as well.

In favour of Congress
In favour of Congress

Furthermore, Chauhan’s popularity is on the wane, with the recent example being the social media reaction to the Chief Minister slapping a young man, apparently his bodyguard. Chauhan is yet to offer a public apology to the youth.

Will the Congress emerge as “The Challenger ” in Madhya Pradesh elections 2018?With merely 58 seats in the 230-seat Assembly, the Congress will have to work extremely hard for reaching the half-way mark. A strong and unified regional leadership, a defined role for party President Rahul Gandhi and careful selection of issues to be addressed shall be important for Congress to regain the central state.
Jyotiraditya Scindia, the party’s chief whip in the Lok Sabha, and the top contender for being the Congress CM candidate has been trying to channelize the agrarian discontent by actively participating and supporting the agitations and protests.



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