On National Speak Up For Service Day:-Five Unknown Voice Of courage

national speak up day for survice
On National Speak Up For Service Day:-Five Unknown Voice Of courage

On a special day of national speak up for services, awaaz nation is sharing five unknown voices of India that will never let down their voices against Scholastic traditions of society and always support the voice of truth, social survive and heart. Let’s have a look at this day…

Speak Up For Service Day was established to recognize the importance of telling others about the need for young people to be actively involved in community service. Too often, good deeds of service by young people go unnoticed by their communities. Speak Up For Service Day gives recognition to the unnoticed and serves as a reminder that people should tell others about the contributions of young people to their communities.

national speak up day for survice
national speak up day for service

National Speak Up For Service Day was submitted by the Mandan Lions Club and proclaimed by the Registrar at National Day Calendar in 2014.

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5Jadav Payeng

national speak up day for survice
Jadav Payeng

When we talk about ordinary people bringing about change, we cannot afford to miss out on this man. He is the one who single-handedly converted a washed out land into a 1,360-acre forest. He started planting bamboo saplings when he was 16 years old. Today he is 47 and lives in his own forest, which is now also home to Bengal tigers, Indian rhinoceros, over 100 deer and rabbits, besides apes and several varieties of birds, including a large number of vultures. The forest department wanted to employ him but he rejected the job because he believed he wouldn’t be able to pay attention to the cause if he was bound by responsibilities.

4Binalakshmi Nepram

national speak up day for survice
Binalakshmi Nepram

Manipur is home to much violence which results in creating many widows who financially and emotionally weak. Nepram was witness to one such black day when a lady lost her husband, and it changed her life forever. Nepram then decided to remake the lives of widows in Manipur. Since then she has been helping these women to be financially independent, exploring livelihood options by giving them resources like sewing machines and soft loans. From helping these women open their bank accounts to providing them monetary help to kick-start a small business, Nepram has revived the lives of many such women who once had almost given up on their lives.

3Shafiq Ur Rehman Khan

national speak up day for survice
Shafiq Ur Rehman Khan

some people are born brave and Khan is one of those rare ones. Ever since he was a teenager, Khan was furiously active and stood upright for the education rights of Dalit children and other excluded communities. Ever since he has been working actively in the social sector. From working single-mindedly for the cause of rescuing girls who fall victim to ‘bride trafficking’ to leading a 300-kilometre ‘March Against Female Foeticide and Gender Inequality’ and starting an organization “Empower People”, Khan is a ray of hope that the country’s future is in safe hands. We have immense respect for this young man and all his endeavours.

2Mrs Rajani Paranjpe

national speak up day for survice
Mrs Rajani Paranjpe

While most of us are in a race to get the latest gadget, this guy has been creating affordable computers from scrap. Targeting the economically weaker sections of the community as customers, Mukund has created over 10,000 computers from scrap. Not only this, they also provide free after-sale service for these machines for one year. At a time when the computer has become almost a necessity, Mukund is making a huge contribution in the field where those who need the machine but can’t afford it now have an opportunity to own one. Now, this is called putting skills to a better use.

1Sudhanshu Biswas

national speak up day for survice
Sudhanshu Biswas

This 96-year old freedom fighter takes words like ‘compassion’ to another level. His love for the country and fellow human beings touches the heart of anyone who meets him. After fighting for freedom of the country in his youth, he chose to settle down in a remote village in his after-years. Dedicating his life to children in need and their education, he runs Sri Ramakrishna Sevashram (SRKS). Even at this ripe age, his energy, enthusiasm, dedication and passion is commendable. Biswas sets an example of how age is just a number and does not matter if your intentions are pure. Visit his ashram to know how inspiring this person is.



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