Trolls, Memes, Abuses: Twitterati Attack Nirav Modi’s Ostrich Hide Jacket

Indians are super angry at Nirav Modi and they abused and trolled him for wearing such expensive jackets after looting Indians. Here are reactions along with video!

The diamond tycoon Nirav Modi who is wanted in India for his links in one of the biggest banking frauds in the country was spotted in London. He is an accused in the over-Rs 14,000 crore Punjab National Bank fraud case.

In the video released by a journalist of The Telegraph, Nirav Modi kept dodging all questions with a stoic expression and not a word more than “no comments” to spare.

Watch The Video:

But this time, instead of the fraud case going on against him, it was his jacket that caught everyone’s attention.

Nirav Modi can be seen sporting a handlebar mustache and an ostrich leather jacket worth 10,000 pounds, nearly Rs 9 lakh.

Do you know why his jacket is creating a stir? Well, because Modi duped many innocent people with the PNB scam and it is not going down well the Twitterati.

Also, ostrich leather is one of the world’s most expensive and also the toughest leather. It has a quill pattern which appears like polka dots all over.

After the video became viral, Twitterati had a lot to say about it and they did not hold back. Many users abused and trolled him. Read the reactions:-

The Ostrich leather, one of the world’s most expensive and also the toughest leather has a quill pattern which appears as polka dots.

According to American Ostrich Association, “Ostrich leather offers itself as one of the toughest, but most pliable skins in the world. Full of natural oils, ostrich leather resists drying, cracking and stiffness. No other leather in the world can compete with the unique quill pattern the ostrich leather bears. This, in itself, makes it one of the most expensive leathers in the world today.”

Meanwhile, Nirav Modi’s luxurious bungalow in Alibaug was demolished by the office of the district Collector of Raigad on Friday.

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