The Nation Turning Into Bhagwa, But This Result Is Good For Northeastern States

The Nation Turns Into Bhagwa, But This Result Is Good For Northeastern States
The Nation Turns Into Bhagwa, But This Result Is Good For Northeastern States

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) surged ahead of the ruling CPI(M) in the assembly elections in Left bastion Tripura on Saturday. By 5 pm, the BJP alliance had won 34 seats and was leading in nine, looking set to take control of the 60-member assembly. BJP leader Ram Madhav said in a press conference in Agartala that the results could be “historic”, though he cautioned against jumping to a conclusion before the final verdict was out.

Madhav also said his party, along with ally Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP), was in a good position in Nagaland, where the alliance has won 14 seats and is leading in 13. The ruling NPF has bagged 17 seats and is ahead in 8, while its partner NPP is leading in three.

In Meghalaya, the ruling Congress party established an early lead. By 5 pm, the Congress had won 20, the NPP bagged 17 and others have won 16 seats. The Congress maintains its lead in one seat and the NPP in two seats. The BJP, so far, has managed to bag two seats.

While the Congress has been ruling Meghalaya for 10 years, the Naga People’s Front has been in power in Nagaland since 2003, except for a three-month period of President’s rule in 2008. Tripura went to polls on February 18 and elections were held in Nagaland and Meghalaya on February 27.

india turns into orange
india turns into orange

This result is good for northeastern states

As we all know that northeastern states need infrastructural development. They need clear support from the centre for finance.

These geographical areas are also important are also in terms of national security and international politics as well.

The northeastern states touch 4 international boundaries, China, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Bhutan. We have to increase our strategical strength.

The northeastern states are cut from mainstream development and youth of particular and specific region needs to be empowered for empowering itself.

The hope of coming future
The hope of coming future

The northeastern states are very rich in a cultural point of view, they are far away from orthodox rituals and presents the excellent example of women empowerment, that e need to from there.

Besides all these points northeastern states have the great pool of natural resource that could be our future tourism hub.


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