Now God needs ‘Caste certificate’: Demanded by our Scholar Politicians

Now God needs 'Caste certificate': Demanded by our Scholar Politicians
Now God needs 'Caste certificate': Demanded by our Scholar Politicians

Shivpal Yadav demands ‘caste certificate’ for Lord Hanuman after Yogi Adityanath stoked controversy.

The raging debate on the caste of Lord Hanuman reached new heights of hilarity with Shivpal Yadav’s Pragatisheel Samajwadi Party (Lohia) demanding a caste certificate for the Hindu deity. Yadav’s PSPL even threatened a sit-in if the district administration failed to provide one within a week.

“We have applied for caste certificate of Lord Hanuman at the office of the Varanasi district magistrate. As the CM has termed him as a Dalit and dragged the deity in petty caste politics, we want his caste certificate,” the news agency PTI quoted Yadav as saying.

Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath stoked a controversy when called Hanuman a Dalit. At an election rally in Rajasthan on November 28, Adityanath said, “Bajrang bali hamari bharatiya parampara mein ek aise lokdevta hain jo swayam vanvaasi hai, girvasi hain, Dalit hain, vanchit hai (Lord Hanuman was a forest dweller, a Dalit and deprived).”

controversy on lord hanuman
controversy on lord hanuman

The comments made by Adityanath created a storm as many within the BJP and outside raised strong objections to UP CM’s comments.

In a document submitted by PSPL to Varanasi administration, a photograph of Hanuman was pasted with Maharaj Keshari as his father and Anjana Devi as his mother. The Sankat Mochan temple was shown to be his home and caste mentioned as Dalit, his age was mentioned as amar or (immortal) and year of birth as anant (infinite), as per PSPL document.

PSPL said it submitted the form in a due proforma for caste certificate of Lord Hanuman.

Earlier, Bahraich BJP MP Savitri Bai Phule, who later after resigned, claimed that Lord Hanuman was “a Dalit and a slave of ‘manuwadi’ people”. She alleged that Dalits and backwards were being called ‘bandar’ (monkey) and ‘rakshas’ (demon).She alleged that Dalits and backwards were being called ‘bandar’ (monkey) and ‘rakshas’ (demon).

The controversy erupted when BJP’s star campaigner in an attempt to woo Rajasthan’s Dalits, called Lord Hanuman a forest dweller and Dalit.

Earlier in the day poll of exit polls for the state of Rajasthan gave Congress party a significant edge over the ruling BJP confirming the anti-incumbency trend in the state prevalent since 1998.


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