Payal Rohatgi In Big Trouble For Insulting Indian King, Video

After Calling Social Reformer, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, a ‘chamcha to the Britishers’,, Payal Rohatgi Has Insulted Legendary Hindu King. Now In Big Trouble. Watch
After Calling Social Reformer, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, a ‘chamcha to the Britishers’,, Payal Rohatgi Has Insulted Legendary Hindu King. Now In Big Trouble. Watch

Actress Payal Rohatagi who is quite vocal about her political opinions on social media is in the headlines but for the wrong reasons this time.

After kicking up a controversy by posting a tweet on Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s ‘caste’,  she drew flak on social media and from political parties.

“Chhatrapati shivaji maharaja was born in shudra varna in family of farmers and by sacred thread ceremony and remarriage to his spouse made a kshtriaya so that he could be coronated King. So people from one Varna could go to another Varna if they acquired that skill. No casteism?” the actor said in a tweet on Sunday.

Payal’s tweet went viral & people from all the sectors started demanding an apology for insulting King Shivaji.

NCP spokesperson Naw-ab Malik has asked chief minister Devendra Fadna-vis to take action against her. “Payal Rohatgi has insulted Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and we will not tolerate it. Is chief minister Devendra Fadnavis waiting for the situation to go out of control? If he does not understand the gravity of the incident, people will come on streets,” he said.

“Ms Payal, who calls herself a devotee of Lord Ram and Narendra Modi is a BJP troll and she is trying to spread hatred in the society. She can stoop to any level for a cheap publicity,” said MNS leader Shalini Thackeray.

In a letter to the Mumbai Police, the NCP said that Rohtagi’s tweet intended to foment tension in the society.

Payal Rohatgi Insulted Legendary Hindu King. Now In Big Trouble.
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After a row was erupted, she posted another tweet saying-

“Being from a family of farmers and belonging to shudra varna is not a crime. Some say that Shivaji Maharaj was from kshtriya varna which is also okay but Hindus should know real facts about their king. Why Marathas have been given reservation  in Maharashtra?”

After she faced immense backlash for her tweet, she uploaded a video Monday, apologising for her comments.

“My simple question has been misconstrued into a hate speech. Even I, obviously, worship such a legendary hindu king. I was reading something and came across an information which I put out,” she said in the video.

Last month, Rohtagi had called social reformer, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, a ‘chamcha to the Britishers’. 

“No he was a chamcha to Britishers who used him to defame the Sati tradition. Sati tradition was not compulsory but was introduced to prevent the prostitution of Hindu wives by the hands of Mughal invaders. It was the woman’s choice. #FeministsofIndia Sati was not regressive”, her tweet had said.

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