Watch! When people started worship a dustbin, Believe it or not!


There is a difference between superstitions and illiteracy. Most people who are not much educated are doing stupid things every time. They can do anything like start worshipping a stone and worshipping a tree. People who don’t know what is the logic behind every worship are doing whatever they feel.

Its okay if you worship a god statue because mostly find a god in it.But if you start worshipping anything than its not the fault of the superstitions you believe its the fault of lack of education.

There are many cases specially in rural areas where people starting worshipping anything. They believe that this thing always gives them a positive vibes during any situation so they started worshipping that object.

There is a video uploaded in YouTube which is getting viral these days in which you see what people are actually worshipping these days.

Look at the video here 

You can see how people are worshipping this “Kangaroo Dustbin”. People there think that this is a statue of some god and nobody is telling them that this is not a statue this is a dustbin.This is just because of the illiteracy rate in India which is in a high rate people doing these things.

People who don’t have any knowledge about god are doing such kind of activities.If you don’t have any knowledge about what you have or don’t have to worship than why are you doing this.

We have also seen this kind of scene in movie p.k where aamir khan set some stones under a tree and put some money in it and later people come and starting worship that stone.

Lets take a look at that scene

It was a beautiful scene shorted in that movie. This movie took a great response from public just because of the message given in that movie about the superstitious mindset of the public which is forcing public to do these kind of things.


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