PM Narendra Modi Doesn’t Respect His Wife? Read Inside

This Leader Claims PM Narendra Modi Doesn't Respect His Wife? Here is Why
This Leader Claims PM Narendra Modi Doesn't Respect His Wife? Here is Why

In a latest attack on PM Narendra Modi West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee claimed that throughout his life the PM never respected his mother or his wife.

“You shy away from giving your wife her due respect, what respect will you give to the people?” the CM said.

Banerjee said that she doesn’t like making such statements but after seeing Modi’s affidavit in his nomination papers were he says that he does not know about his wife’s movable and immovable assets she was forced to speak out about it.

In his affidavit, the PM has named Jashodaben as his wife but has not mentioned anything about her movable as well as immovable assets saying he does not know anything about it.

A few days ago Banerjee had slammed the PM of spreading lies and compared him to Kalidasa, who was considered an idiot before he went on to become one of the greatest writers of classical Sanskrit.

“You all know the story of Kalidasa, who chopped the very branch of the tree on which he was sitting on and fell down. Narendra Modi is also cutting the same branch, dividing the nation, dividing the states and also dividing the people,” said Mamata while addressing a public meeting in Hooghly district.

This Leader Claims PM Narendra Modi Doesn't Respect His Wife? Here is Why

Recently the TMC supremo sparked outrage by her bizarre statement saying that she would make sweets from the soil and add pebbles inside so as to break the PM’s teeth once he eats it.

Her statement came after the PM in an interview to Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar revealed that Mamata Banerjee sends him kurtas personally selected by her and sweets every year on Durga Puja.

Reacting to Banerjee’s statement on Sunday, Bengal BJP general secretary Sayantan Basu said, “It is a matter of shame that a chief minister resorts to personal attacks against the Prime Minister. She is incapable of countering Modi Ji politically and hence she is resorting to personal attacks. This is nothing but an expression of her fears.”

This is not the first time that Banerjee has resorted to personal attacks on Modi, but she never accused the Prime Minister of disrespecting his family. “Did you ever look after your family? Leave alone others, did you look after your wife? How can you know how mothers, daughters and sisters live? You have none,” the Bengal chief minister had said while addressing a rally in Cooch Behar district on April 8.

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