Politician’s son said-“The DM will polish my shoes”: Watch this

Politician's son said-
Politician's son said-"The DM will polish my shoes": Watch this

A day after the Election Commission barred Mohammed Azam Khan from campaigning in the Lok Sabha elections for 72 hours, the son of the Samajwadi Party leader on Tuesday gave a religious twist to the entire case.

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The EC has banned Khan from campaigning in the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections for making objectionable remarks against actor-turned-politician Jaya Prada, whom the BJP has pitted against him in Rampur.

Azam Khan’s son has now said that the EC had punished his father because he is a Muslim.

“When the BJP candidate wrote on her Twitter that she is coming to Rampur to kill a demon, why was not any action taken?” asked Abdullah Azam Khan.

“One remark in which no name was taken, one speech in which no gender was mentioned…you (EC) banned Azam Khan because he is a Muslim. Because it was imperative to ban Azam Khan to please the BJP,” said Abdullah Azam Khan.

“Since the EC had banned Yogi Adityanath, it has barred Azam Khan so that it does not seem that an action has been taken against the BJP and the top leaders of the party do not get offended,” further alleged Khan’s son.

“You (EC) won’t serve a notice. At least, you will follow natural justice. You will ban just like that. Nonetheless, it has occurred earlier too. We suffered earlier and will manage even now,” added Abdullah.  

While addressing a rally in Rampur on Sunday, Azam Khan had reportedly said: “It took you 17 years to identify the real face of these people, but I got to know it in 17 days that they wear khaki underwear.”

The EC took Khan to task, saying his “indecent”, “derogatory and totally uncalled for” statement breached the model code of conduct and barred him from participating in rallies, road shows, public meetings, processions, and give interviews or statements in the media in connection with the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections for 72 hours from 6 am on Tuesday.


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