PM Modi Never Sold Tea? Used ‘Tea-Seller’ Image To Gain Sympathy

I never saw him selling tea. PM Modi uses this 'tea-seller' image only to gain public sympathy. Read everything inside!
I never saw him selling tea. PM Modi uses this 'tea-seller' image only to gain public sympathy. Read everything inside!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has many a time mentioned about his difficult journey from being a chaiwala (tea seller) at a railway station in Gujarat to becoming India’s Prime Minister in New Delhi.

However, former VHP international working president Praveen Togadia has revealed that even though his friendship with PM Narendra Modi lasted 43 years but he never saw him selling tea (according to India Today). It is worth mentioning that Praveen Togadia has once again started talking about the construction of the Ram Mandir.

In the meantime, he attacked the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. He said they have no intention of building Ram temple of BJP-RSS. He said that by the statement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bhaiyaji Joshi of RSS, it is clear that Ram temple is not going to be built in the next five years. These two organizations have kept the people of the country in the dark, but now Hindu is awake. He also said that he will announce the new political party on February 9 and if the party comes to power then the Ram temple will be built by bringing legislation into Parliament.

He said that once his party is in power, Article 35A will be ended in Kashmir and anyone from all over the country will be able to go and buy land there. “Hindus will become a majority there and form a government. The stone pelters will be taught a final lesson. Also Read: Here’s Everything About The secret wife of Narendra Modi

Commenting on Narendra Modi, he said that if he can bring the law for three divorce bills on midnight, then why cannot it be done for the temple? He said that if Modi becomes the Prime Minister again, he will not build the temple. Pravin Togadia claimed that if BJP loses in 2019, then Narendra Modi will go back to Gujarat and Bhaiyaji Joshi will also return to Nagpur.

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