Presidential pick, what’s there to know about Meira Kumar and Ram Nath Kovind

PC : IndiaToday

Ram Nath Kovind was declared president candidate by BJP led NDA government, whereas the Lok Sabha speaker Meira Kumar was choice of opposition parties led by Congress. This made the presidential contest as Dalit vs Dalit.

While the dalit factor is not only common in both but both have studied law. Ram Nath Kovind practiced law, but Meira did not but was an Indian Foreign Services officer. Kovind also cleared the civil services examinations but rejected the offer. Both are politicians as well. Meira was a Lok Sambha member winning from UP, Delhi and Bihar. She was also Union Cabinet minister before becoming the Lok Sabha Speaker. Kovind other than the party’s national spokesperson, was also Rajya Sabha MP from Uttar Pradesh.

Both were into some controversies, but Miera had more controversial career in politics than Ram Nath Kovind. Meira using her influence while she was a speaker, got alloted a bunglow on Krishna Menon Marg for 25 years. She converted the bunglow into a memorial of her father Jagjivan Ram who was deputy prime minister and freedom fighter. During her sperker term she was alloted another bunglow at Akbar Road and kept the earlier occupied illegally and forcibly as the memorial. She was slapped with a rent bill of 1.98 crore but cancelled without any request record.

I another incident, Meira Kumar sacked Rajiv Mishra, CEO of Lok Sabha TV as she was upset over the telecasting of news she was defeated from Sasaram Lok Sabha Constituency. She reverted his salary from SBI bank without his consent against the RBI guidelines. She is also in one more controversy errupted as the blackening of Live proceedings of Lok Sabha during Telangana Bill passage. The Lok Sabha TV broadcast was blacked out and it happened when she was speaker then.

Ram Nath Kovind was also in controversies, on of them is when he stood with Bangaru Laxman in Tehelka sting case. Another controversy was when he stood against the reservation for Dalit Muslims and Christians. He opposed saying that they will eat the jobs out reserved for scheduled caste, and also entitled to contest from the seats reserved for the community.


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