Dear Prime Minister Narendra Modi: Here is what you are Saying or Doing Wrong

Same Modi ji opposed GST, Adhar. Told us he will support Jan Lokpal. Right now number or RTI request is unanswered. Still no reply.
Same Modi ji opposed GST, Adhar. Told us he will support Jan Lokpal. Right now number or RTI request is unanswered. Still no reply.

Our Beloved Prime Minister has slowly got into place, wherein people may slowly start accepting that he has many false Claims into account.

Even there is a popular joke in circulation, A man after his death reached heaven.. he was surprised to see so many clocks on the wall and asked why so many clocks with the god and the god replied, no no it is a lie clock, when anyone tells a lie on the earth, here the needle moves with a click like a clock and Now our man asked the God, where is our Prime Minister Modi clock? the God Replied, it is on my desk. I am using it has Table Fan.

on demonitisation
on demonstration

Justification to the Joke

  1. When Note Ban was declared, The reason given is still acceptable saying..The Intention of our Prime Minister may be correct but third day of the Note ban in a public meeting Prime Minister claiming that if the things were not in place within 50 days.. he is ready to go to gallows will certainly fall into a false claim…without accessing the magnitude of the task ahead of him.
  2. During Election.Claiming that he will get all the Black Money within a year and deposit 15 Lakh in each and every one account is really unacceptable.
  3. The 2G Scam, which was claimed to be in the magnitude of 1 Lakh 76 Crores, was turned out to be just wastage of time and Money of the Nation, is still not an Issue, it may be attributed to failure of the system to grab a culprit but when the Election was fought on this issue by our Prime Minister has not even bothered to answer either to the Public (tweeter) or to the Parliament in one hour hard-hitting speech claiming If Sardar Patel, would have been the Prime Minister without even verifying history and The role of his ideology background institutions in Freedom fight.

Keep repetition of such issues and Many times not justifying one’s own word with the act in public life will certainly earn him such name.


Marriage conspiracy

And even Modi Ji had left the column blank regarding his marital status in past elections. But In 2014 CEC made it mandatory that it has to be filled. So Modi told the fact that he had been married.

Although he is ‘ Our ‘ Prime minister, we should respect him as he is Identity of India but as a citizen, we have some rights too to know about our MP, MLA, PM, CM.

It’s difficult to rate the top ten but still, I will try –

  1. Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas. ( Still, BJP couldn’t find one eligible Muslim candidate in UP elections. Communal violence is increasing and PM is not talking about it.
  2. We will declare names of 100 Swiss bank account holders in 100 days. ( Multiples of 100 days are over and still, the list is coming.)
  3. Gujarat Vikas model. ( It’s fake propaganda if Gujarat is model then Maharashtra is a supermodel.)
  4. 15 lakhs rs in a bank account.
  5. Give me just 60 months and I will change the country.
  6. Demobilization will remove black money. Give me just 60 days and money problem will be solved. ( Still got no money in the bank.)
  7. Comment made by Modi on Asifa case that he doesn’t make use of victims for politics. ( Read his tweet on Nirbhya case, last election campaign involved point related to rapes in the country.)
  8. During Gujarat election campaign PM shamelessly said Congress is conspiring with Pakistan against Modi ji. Such level of accusations that also against former PM.
  9. We will give farmers effective rates (twice) for their efforts. ( Farmers are committing suicide and Modi ji busy on foreign tour.
  10. Same Modi ji opposed GST, Adhar. Told us he will support Jan Lokpal. Right now number or RTI request is unanswered. Still no reply.

    acche din aane waale hai
    acche din aane wale hai

Acche Din Aane Wale hai – Jumla, to his degree everything is fake. The list is long still this should be enough.



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