Priyanka Gandhi:- The Real Leader And Strongest Back Support Of Congress

Priyanka Gandhi:- The Real Leader And Strongest Back Support Of Congress
Priyanka Gandhi:- The Real Leader And Strongest Back Support Of Congress

It is common knowledge that one family member of the Nehru-Gandhi family — Rahul Gandhi — is very active these days, but at the same time, people have started enquiring about Priyanka. In recent times, there has been no news about her; she used to look after Sonia and Rahul’s constituency, Raebareli and Amethi. She even visited these places often but has not been seen there for a long time.

Priyanka and her supporters had gone quiet just before the decision to give the party command to Rahul were taken. It is being said that Sonia had clearly stated that only Rahul would be the party president. After that, Priyanka decreased her activities according to a well-thought-out strategy and instructed her followers to keep mum.

A Congress leader says that some time ago, a few party leaders had planted the news that Priyanka would be the general secretary in Rahul’s team. This news went viral and the party’s media chief had to give a clarification that she was, in fact, not going to take any post.

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Sources in the Congress say Sonia doesn’t want two power centres once Rahul assumes charge. If Priyanka had been acting like earlier, there would have been questions on Rahul’s command. Apart from this, questions could also have been raised over the Vadra issue. So, to establish unquestioned command of Rahul, Sonia decided to quit the party president’s post and to keep Priyanka away from active politics.

Though this decision is temporary and there might be someplace in the scheme of things for Priyanka but only after some time. Priyanka might be pushed into active politics just before the Lok Sabha Elections. By that time, Rahul would have been declared the PM candidate by the party and if action against Robert Vadra speeds up, then the Congress will link that to election vendetta, hoping it goes in favour of the party.

On the other hand, many leaders of the Congress are certain that Rahul will not succeed. These leaders will give the slogan: “Priyanka Lao, Congress Bachao” after the Gujarat elections. If Priyanka doesn’t enter active politics before the Lok Sabha polls and if the Congress doesn’t perform well, then the party leaders will demand that Priyanka takes the front seat.

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A perfect family photo

A successful love story 

  • Priyanka Gandhi had befriended Robert Vadra when she was in her early teens. Robert’s sister Michelle and Priyanka were classmates. With time, the friendship between the two deepened. Robert also befriended Rahul Gandhi.
  • A couple of years later Robert proposed to Priyanka. And the two of them tied the nuptial knot on February 18, 1997, in a traditional Hindu ceremony. The couple has two children, son Raihan and daughter Miraya.





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