Priyanka Vadra Again Used Insulting Word For PM Modi

One More Abuse for Modi. When Will This End?
One More Abuse for Modi. When Will This End?

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Thursday dubbed Narendra Modi the “most cowardly” and “weakest” Prime Minister she has ever seen, saying the BJP mascot only holds big public rallies to avoid uncomfortable questions on unfulfilled promises.

“He (Modi) publicises that he is very powerful…. I (Modi) am great and I (Modi) will strengthen the country,” the Congress general secretary for eastern Uttar Pradesh told a rally in Pratapgarh.

Bhaiyon evan behnon, inse bara kaayar, inse kamjor pradhan mantri maine zindagi me nahin dekha tha (Brothers and sisters, I had never seen in my life such a coward, such a weak Prime Minister in my life),” the 47-year-old added.

“Political strength doesn’t come through publicity. Political strength comes when you accept that the people are the most powerful; it comes when you have the strength to listen to the people; when you have the strength to solve the problems of the people; when you have the strength to accept criticism.”

The comments came in the same heartland constituency where Modi had last week described Priyanka’s late father Rajiv Gandhi as “bhrashtachari (corrupt) No. 1” while targeting her brother, Congress chief Rahul Gandhi.

Recently PM Modi Read Out List Of Abuses By Oppositon Used For Him

One More Abuse for Modi. When Will This End?
PM Modi

Pm Modi recently accused the Congress party of hurling abuses at him from its “love dictionary”, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Wednesday said the party did not even spare his mother. “A leader of Congress called me ‘gandi naali ka keeda’ (an insect), one leader called me a mad dog, another one called me Bhasmasura. One more Congress leader, who was external affairs minister, called me a monkey while another minister compared me with Dawood Ibrahim,” Modi alleged at a rally in Kurukshetra.

 “They even abused my mother and even asked who my father is and remember all this was said after I became Prime Minister,” he added.Advertisement

The Prime Minister claimed that he is being abused because he has challenged Congress’ dynasty politics. “I stopped their corruption and challenged their dynasty because of which they wear masks of love and abuse me,” Modi said.

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