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Army Day: Words By PM Narendra Modi That Prove Indian Army Is Best

Indian Army
Indian Army

Not all superheroes wear special suits, some wear uniforms. Our Army protects us as their family all day and night and even in worst condition, they have always protected us. Indian army stands out in the world, making us very proud.

Indian Army celebrates Army Day on every 15 January with parades and shows at its major locations across the country.

Do you know why do we celebrate Army day?

Indian Army
Indian Army

On this day in 1949, the then Lt General Cariappa took charge as the first Indian Army chief from Lt Gen Roy Butcher.

Since then Army Day is celebrated with huge enthusiasm to respect the Lieutenant General of India, K. M. Cariappa (Kodandera Madappa Cariappa).

On the occasion of 70th Army Day, we have rounded up top 9 encouraging quotes by Narendra Modi that will prove why Indian Army is best.

Quotes for Army By India’s PM Narendra Modi

Indian Army
Indian Army

1. “Be it any battle, it is the soldiers who make sacrifices. One cannot imagine their courage, the courage that is there in this land.”

2. “I want to tell those who divide the nation in the name of secularism- to see real secularism see the army. We can learn the true essence of secularism from our armed forces.”

3. “The level of toughness with which our armed forces deal with enemy nations is same as the level of compassion and kindness with which they save lives during times of natural calamities.”

4. “Army Doesn’t Speak, It Acts.”

5. “Our soldiers’ have defended the country fighting, protecting all citizens. We are proud of their sacrifices. They’ve won the fight against terrorism not with their weapons but with their will power.”

Indian Army
Indian Army

6. “We salute the courage & invaluable service of the Indian Army.”

7. “Our Army always puts the nation first. I salute all those great individuals who sacrificed their lives while serving the nation. India will never forget our valiant heroes.”

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8. “Army’s actions louder than words.”

9. “On Army Day, I convey greetings to the soldiers, veterans and their families. Every citizen of India has unwavering trust and pride in our Army, which protects the nation and is also at the forefront of humanitarian efforts during times of natural disasters and other accidents.”

Top political, government and military figures greeted the Indian Army today

Indian Army
Indian Army

A Message From President of India:-

A Message From Prime Minister of India:-

Heart Warming Message From Navy Chief Admiral Sunil Lanba:-

A Tweet From The Official Handle of INC

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We salute our Army!



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