Rahul Gandhi Attacks PM Modi Over Hindutva! Asks A Question!

Do you know that like Mr Narendra Modi's surgical strike, Manmohan Singh ji did that 3 times?
Do you know that like Mr Narendra Modi's surgical strike, Manmohan Singh ji did that 3 times?

Amid criticism over his newly revealed “gotra”, recent temple visits in poll-bound states, Congress chief Rahul Gandhi hit back at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and questioned his “knowledge of Hinduism”. Rahul Gandhi on Saturday launched a scathing attack against PM Modi alleging that he doesn’t understand the foundation of Hinduism while he was addressing the business community in Mewar district of Rajasthan.

“What is the essence of Hinduism? What does the Gita say? That knowledge is with everybody, knowledge is all around you. Every living being has knowledge. Our PM says he is a Hindu but he doesn’t understand foundation of Hinduism. What kind of a Hindu is he?” Rahul Gandhi said.

Rahul Gandhi Attacks PM Modi Over Hindutva
Rahul Gandhi Attacks PM Modi Over Hindutva

“PM is convinced he knows better than Army what needs to be done in Army’s area, better than foreign minister what needs to be done in the foreign ministry, better than agriculture minister what needs to be done in agriculture because he has a sense that all knowledge comes from his brain,” he said.

Rahul said that PM Modi reached into the Army’s domain and shaped the surgical strikes into a political asset when it was a military decision. He said that surgical strikes were also conducted during former PM Manmohan Singh’s term but was kept a secret on the Army’s demand.

This comes days after Rahul slammed Congress’s Bhilwara MP CP Joshi for his casteist remarks and asked him to tender an apology. Joshi had said that only pandits and Brahmins know about Hinduism.

At the interactive session, Rahul also attacked PM Modi saying that the latter believes that he knows the best.

Recently,  BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra had Rahul Gandhi: “What’s your gotra?”

He is a “Dattatreya” and a Kashmiri Brahmin, said a priest, who claimed to have old records of the Nehru-Gandhi family tree. “Gotra” refers to a clan or descendants from a common ancestor.

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BJP lashed out at Rahul Gandhi’s Hindu jibe

Meanwhile, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) lashed out at the Congress President on Saturday over his ‘Hindu’ jibe at PM Modi, with BJP spokesperson Amit Malviya claiming that Gandhi had “mocked” PM Modi’s “lower caste” in yet another “personal attack” against the Prime Minister. Malviya wrote in his tweet, “Rahul Gandhi picks up from where C P Joshi left. Questions PM’s Hinduism implying he is someone from lower caste and unworthy of holding the high constitutional office or even commenting on Hinduism! It also establishes that all personal attacks on PM are sanctioned by Rahul.”

Rahul Gandhi is always targetted by BJP

From “Vatican gotra ka Brahmin” to “gotra Itlus”– a dig at the Italian origin of his mother Sonia Gandhi — Mr Gandhi has been constantly targeted by the BJP, prompting him to declare, “The BJP people don’t understand the Hindu religion at all. My understanding of Hinduism is better than theirs.”

The Congress is now preaching us about Hinduism… They are giving us lessons of Gita, mocked BJP national president Amit Shah.

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