This woman says That Rahul Gandhi will promise free sex to adults next

"Agla Number Tera Hai" A popular woman scholar & activist said Rahul Gandhi will "now announce free se-x for men". Here are worst reactions to her post.

Madhu Kishwar, a popular scholar and activist, is an example that it is not easy being on Twitter these days.

Kishar has sparked huge controversy on Twitter after she asked whether Congress President Rahul Gandhi will “now announce free sex for men” too.  Kishwar’s tweet came soon after Gandhi announced that if voted to power in Lok Sabha Elections 2019, the Congress party will bring a universal basic income for every Indian citizen. Kishwar took a potshot at Gandhi and tweeted, “Wait till Rahul Gandhi also promises free sex for every adult male for a certain number of days every year!”

One Twitter user tweeted, “I can’t believe you have written it. Stumped. Sad.” Another user wrote, “Shameless comments.” Many also trolled Kishwar for her remarks.

Here is her tweet and worst reactions to it

And some serious gyaan for the human (read: boyfriend) soul: “Sex is free mam, but it’s gf only who demands for shopping and stuff. I never paid my gf for sex. Do you ask for money from your husband?”

Rahul Gandhi on 28 January 2019 told crowd in Chhattisgarh that if the Congress gets elected to power, it would provide a minimum basic income to every “poor” individual of the nation. “After winning 2019 elections, every poor person would be given minimum income. No government in the world has done this,” the Gandhi scion said while addressing a farmers’ rally in Raipur on Monday.

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