Rahul Gandhi 6 Most Funniest ‘Oops’ & Hilarious Moments – WATCH

Rahul Gandhi 6 Most Funniest ‘Oops’ & Hilarious Moments - WATCH
Rahul Gandhi 6 Most Funniest ‘Oops’ & Hilarious Moments - WATCH

Rahul Gandhi has been responsible for giving the country some of the most hilarious and funniest lines that exist in language. You can love him or hate him. You can mock him and make fun of him. There is one thing you simply cannot deny. Rahul Gandhi is an awesome entertainer After reading this, Rahul Gandhi will do well to brush up his oratory skills before he hits the campaign for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

We have tried compiling 6 most funniest oops moments of Rahul Gandhi as it’s important to know our Prime Minister in waiting (If congress ever gets back the credibility they lost due to these comedy lines + blunders).

1. Of All The Funny Rahul Gandhi Videos, This Might Be The Funniest

During a speech, Gandhi said, “I have been told that the Congress party is about a 100 years old. But when I came across a portrait of Shiva, Guru Nanaj Dev ji and other major religions in the world, I found the Congress symbol — that of the hand — in every picture.”

“I then asked (Congress leader) Karan Singh ji, ‘Why is the Congress symbol visible in every religion like Islam, Hinduism, Judaism’,” he went on.

He then proceeded to tell the crowd what Singh told him:

“He said, ‘this means, daro mat. Don’t be afraid of the present conditions. Face the truth. Now, this is a strange thing that since 3,000 or 4,000 years before today, in every religion, you are being told this. The symbol is also there. And you are being told not to be afraid of your present and reality’.”

If you are still not sure, please get your fill by watching the video.

2. When Rahul mixed up genders while addressing the Lok Sabha Chairman

In the middle of his speech in which he was criticising the policies of the Narendra Modi government, Rahul Gandhi made an amusing blunder when he addressed the Chairman of the Lok Sabha, Dr P Venugopal, as ‘Madam Speaker’. The incident occurred in 2016 and even as Gandhi tried to apologise and rectify his mistake, BJP members created an uproar in the House.

3. When he got confused between ‘morning’ and ‘night’

Rahul made this famous goof-up in January 2013 while he was addressing the AICC plenary, shortly after becoming the vice president of the party. While he was trying to give an emotional speech, Rahul ended up mixing up the time of the day and ended up saying, “This morning I got up at night, 4 O’clock in the morning I got out into the balcony I thought “Now you have a big responsibility in front of you and this people are standing behind you, people are standing on your side.” Also Read: Best Rahul Gandhi Jokes, Trolls, Memes That Made Us Laugh In 2018

4. When he struggled to pronounce ‘Visvesvaraya’ while campaigning for Karnataka polls

On March 25, 2018, Rahul Gandhi stuttered repeatedly while pronouncing the name of Visvesvaraya, regarded as one of the most outstanding engineers and administrators of the country. In the video, the Congress President struggled to pronounce his name twice before giving up and moving on with his speech. In fact, while responding to his dare for a 15-minute debate in the Parliament, Prime Minister Narendra Modi challenged him for a 15-minute debate on the condition that the Congress President would not refer to any paper notes and that he would take M Visvesvaraya’s name at least five times in the speech.

 5. ‘Amma…err…Indira canteen’

In August 2017, Gandhi inaugurated the Karnataka government’s Indira Canteen program, which provides affordable and hygienic food to the poor. However, he ended up having several faux pas moments while delivering a short speech at the function, most noticeably when he said ‘Amma Canteen’ instead of ‘Indira Canteen’. For the uninitiated, Amma Canteens are assosicated with late AIADMK leader J Jayalalithaa and are very popular in Tamil Nadu.

6. When Rahul invoked ‘Obama saab’ in his speech for Uttar Pradesh elections

While addressing a campaign rally ahead of the Uttar Pradesh elections in 2017, Rahul Gandhi made a passionate pitch for ‘Made in India’ policy. However, the hypothetical example he used to drive home his point was just a little too unusual and wacky.  “I want a day to come when Obama saab, America’s President, brushes his teeth with a peppermint toothbrush that is ‘Made in Barabanki’. If someone eats mango, the box should read ‘Made in Lucknow,” Rahul had said, triggering several memes and jokes on Twitter.

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