Rahul Gandhi tweeted a image, goes super VIRAL

Rahul Gandhi tweeted a image, goes super VIRAL
Rahul Gandhi tweeted a image, goes super VIRAL

Modilie, a word used by Congress leaders and supporter since 2012 to accuse Narendra Modi of peddling lies, has become an official word, claims Congress chief Rahul Gandhi.

According to a screenshot shared by Rahul Gandhi, Modilie has become an official word in an English dictionary. And it means: To constantly modify the truth; to lie incessantly and habitually; and to lie without respite.

However, it’s not that simple.

Rahul Gandhi tweeted the information twice. In his first tweet, he shared a screenshot of “Oxford living dictionary”. But a simple search on the said dictionary showed no results.

A closer look at Rahul Gandhi’s tweet reveals that the logo of the Oxford dictionary, he claims to have included the word “Modilie”, is slightly different from the original logo of the site.

It is unclear if Rahul Gandhi or Congress IT cell meant this tweet as a joke, because within few minutes they deleted the first tweet and shared a second screenshot. Only this time, the logo was further edited.

The logo of the dictionary, in the second tweet, just says English Dictionary, while the look, feel and the colour of site remains same. The first Oxford was omitted out of the logo in the second tweet.

Origins of word Modilie

The word, Modilie, can be traced back to 2012. The word has been used as a hashtag by Congress leaders and supporters to denounce Narendra Modi since his time in Gujarat CM office. The hashtag has bene often clubbed with #VoteOutModi #ResignModi in critical tweets.

A few days ago, internet also saw the emergence of the word Jetlie. the term was used to criticise Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.


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