BJP Rakes Up Rahul Gandhi’s Italian Roots! War Between Two Parties!

"Rahul Gandhi has Italian blood. He is made in Italy. He is a foreigner! After Rahul's 'made in China' remark, BJP hits back at him! Read the war of bitter words!

Gujarat’s deputy chief minister Nitin Patel took a jibe at Congress President Rahul Gandhi after Rahul alleged that the statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel coming up in Gujarat was ‘made in China’. While rubbishing Rahul’s allegations as baseless, Gujarat Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel said that only five per cent of the statue was made in China.

“Rahul Gandhi has Italian blood in his veins”- Nitin patel

Nitin Patel went on to rake up the Congress leader’s Italy connection saying that “Italian blood is running in Rahul”. “We are not saying anything. But it is up to the Congress to decide whether it wants a party president of mixed-blood or an Indian,” Nitin Patel said. He said the entire country was feeling proud that the “world’s tallest statue” is being built here and asked “why is Rahul Gandhi not feeling proud about it?”

BJP Cheif Amit Shah Tweets & Hits Back At Rahul Gandhi

The BJP chief tweeted ,”Dear Rahul Gandhi, your family humiliated Sardar Patel, unsuccessfully tried to erase his legacy from the people’s hearts and minds. Your lies on the ‘statue of unity’ is another display of your visceral hatred towards Sardar Patel.”

Congress Slammed Nitin Patel

Congress MLA Lalit Kagthara lashed out at Nitin Patel’s comment saying that while the Congress president was referring to a statue, Nitin Patel was referring to a “living person”.

Here’s Rahul Gandhi’s Controversial Statement!
"Rahul Gandhi has Italian blood. He is made in Italy. He is a foreigner! After Rahul's 'made in China' remark, BJP hits back at him! Read the war of bitter words!
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Rahul Gandhi on Thursday claimed that Sardar Patel’s mega statue in Gujarat, a pet project of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, was being built by China.

The 182-meter statue, being built at Sadhu Bet in Narmada district and tipped to be the world’s tallest statue, is slated to be inaugurated by Modi on the icon’s birth anniversary on 31 October.

“The Prime Minister used to say that we will install the statue of Sardar Patel in Gujarat. It is unfortunate that the iron man’s statue will be inscribed with ‘Made-in-China’ as it is being made by China,” Gandhi said at a rally in Satna in Madhya Pradesh.

“It is a disrespect to the great nationalist, freedom fighter and the man behind the development of the nation,” the Congress leader added.

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BJP Leader Uma Bharti Criticised Rahul Gandhi

Senior BJP leader and union minister Uma Bharti said, “The iron for making Sardar Patel’s statue was collected from different villages of the country. Why Rahul is remembering China and Pakistan so much?”

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