After Corruption And Big Scandals, Regionalism Can Be A Major Threat To India’s Future

After Corruption And Big Scandals, Regionalism Can Be A Major Threat To India's Future
After Corruption And Big Scandals, Regionalism Can Be A Major Threat To India's Future

India remained the land of many lands, regions, cultures and traditions.north india , south india ,east india west india , centreal india, all are diffrent in culture and traditions so does the political parties have always been regionilistic and the government formed is by coalition

REGIONALISM Has been the most potent force in indian politics since independence . regionalism has been flourished in india if any particular group or community felt untreated or government take less concerned on the minorities. government will do anything to please any thing this community for the next election .


NEGATIVE- Regionalism definitely impacts politics as days of collation government and alliances are taking place. Regional demands become national demands, policies are launched to satisfy regional demands and generally those are Aimed at all aspect of country.hence national policies are now dominated by regional demands.

Regionalism needs equality
Regionalism needs equality

Example– MSP given to sugarcane, it was helpful for farmers in Maharashtra but it was implemented across all states resulting agitations of farmers belonging to UP, Punjab and Haryana.

These regionalism result in politics of VOTE BANK which is based on language , caste , THIS IS AGAINST HEALTHY DEMOCRATIC .

Developmental plans are implemented unevenly focusing on regions to which heavy weight leaders belongs are benefitted, hence unrest is generated among rest regions.

Law and order is disturbed, agitations with massive violence take place ultimately government is compelled to take harsh steps; hence wrong signals are emitted about government authorities.

Regionalism, also becomes hurdle in the international diplomacy. EXAMPLE-Tamil Nadu regional parties were against the Prime Minister of India, attending the Commonwealth heads meeting(CHOGM) in Sri Lanka. These actions have their direct implication on the relation of India with Sri Lanka.

POSITIVE- REGIONALISM plays important role in building of the nation, if the demands of the regions are accommodated by the political system of the country.

there always remains a scope of balanced regional development. The socio-cultural diversity is given due respect and it helps the regional people to practise their own culture too.

On the broader front, it harms India’s status in global arena and becomes hurdle in becoming global power or world leader.

Regionalism may threaten national integrity:

Regionalism:- Khalsa Moment
Regionalism:- Khalsa Moment

North East region: Emergence of regional parties on the basis of ethnic factors can be seen Asom Gana Parishad, Mizo National Front. These parties have agenda of secessionist tendencies, more autonomy, self-governance.

South Indian region: Regional parties on the basis on linguistic factors like Telugu Desam party, AIADMK and DMK. The dravidian movement can be seen as threat to national integrity.

Weak coalition at centre and strong regional parties may lead to secession of states.

However, regionalism is not always threat to national integrity. It can promote development and articulate the interests of the region in a better way. The formation of Telangana shows how the advantages of regionalism. Both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are well on the way for greater prosperity.

Regional parties are supporting the central government which is formed by different political party.



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