5 Controversies of Congress’ Damad, Husband Of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra

‘He called us Mango people.’ Read 5 Controversies of Not So Favourite Congress’ ‘Damad’, Husband of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra
‘He called us Mango people.’ Read 5 Controversies of Not So Favourite Congress’ ‘Damad’, Husband of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra

Meet Robert Vadra. Newbie-neta Priyanka Gandhi’S OR WE CAN SAY Priyanka Vadra’s other half.

The Congress’ favourite damaad is a man of many faces and traits. He has been in the news for wrong reasons. His image has been tarnished among masses and he is seen as a dark spot in the shining coveted Gandhi family.

Here, we Awaaz Nation lists a few of the controversies Robert Vadra has been involved in and his response to it.

Vadra family seeking favours using Nehru-Gandhi family name:-

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“Mango People in Banana Republic”

In 2012, when the Anna Hazare-led anti-corruption movement was at its peak, the country was raging against the alleged corruptions of the Congress party, Vadra put up a post on Facebook, which read “Mango people in banana republic.” Some call it political suicide, others believe it to be merely one of the innumerable gaffes committed by the Nehru-Gandhi family. Whatever the view one takes, Vadra’s remark is one that is not likely to be forgotten anytime soon. He did delete his Facebook account soon after the remark, though.

Khemka Vs. Vadra

Robert Vadra faced another setback when Ashok Khemka, senior IAS officer of Haryana, accused him of being involved in illegal land transfer to DLF, the real estate major.

Pink Pants, Navy Blazer, and Media Troubles

The one picture of Robert Vadra that was splashed across newspapers, magazines, and TV channels during the course of highly sensitive Lok Sabha elections in 2014 was one in which he flamboyantly donned pink trousers, a sleek white tee, and a smart navy blazer. And with him was Priyanka, dressed in demure maroon khadi and white salwar. The contrast was stark and Robert’s attire seemed quite unsuitable for the gravity of the elections in which the Congress ultimately faced a crushing defeat. Not much later, Vadra was reported to be involved in a scuffle with a reporter who questioned his involvement in the land deal controversy.

Vadra-DLF land deal:

In the run-up to Haryana Assembly elections in 2014, it was one of the major issues raised by BJP against incumbent Congress. After coming to power, CM Manohar Lal Khattar ordered an inquiry into the allegations of wrongdoing.

Throughout the debate on land deals, Robert Vadra defended himself saying that the transaction between his company and DLF was a legitimate business deal. After the reports that the Haryana government was at the final stages of setting up a probe panel to conduct an inquiry into the land deals, Vadra wrote on his Facebook, “An enquiry has been ordered by the Government of Haryana. Let us await its outcome. Neither me nor anyone associated with me, has anything to hide. Compliance of all laws were followed in a completely transparent manner. I sincerely hope that an enquiry will not be used for political vendetta.”

VVIP Treatment:

Because of his marriage to SPG-protectee Priyanka Gandhi, he was granted a VVIP status at domestic airports and he was not to go through the security check that we ‘mango people’ are subjected to. Vadra was finally removed from the list in 2015.

“Finally!! I am glad and have been awaiting this so called and never used, Security Exemption Privilege to be removed at Airports,” he said in a statement.

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