Sharad Pawar:- Father Of 2nd Green Revolution Of India

Sharad Pawar
Sharad Pawar:- Father Of 2nd Green Revolution Of India

Today we are celebrated 78th Birthday of Sharad Govindrao Pawar (born 12 Dec 1940) is an Indian local politician who functions as the key executive of the Nationalist The legislature Celebration which he established in 1999, after splitting from the Indian local Nationwide The legislature. He is also known as the father of second green revolution of India. He had sucked in various political controversies but still, his contributions pay a lot for all of us. Here we are sharing some interesting information about him.

Facts Of Sharad Pawar
One amazing thing: Everybody knows this by now that BJP is losing control over Shiv-Sena, Shiv-Sena is busy criticizing Modi.So Modi and shared Pawar have a plan that in case Shiv-Sena withdraws support in Maharashtra NCP will give external support to BJP govt because Maharashtra ACB is nowadays creating trouble for Ajit Pawar.

Sharad Pawar
Sharad Pawar with PM Modi

As A Father Of Second Green Revolution Of India

  1. Stressing the need for an “a second green revolution” as called for in the current Economic Survey, Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar said this would be one of India’s major achievements in the coming years.
  2. He highlighted various areas of thrust, namely water availability, reduction in interest rates on farm loans from 12 to five percent and more, the need to factor in the cost of cultivation in the prices of agricultural produce and the need for research in agriculture.
    In his address, he cautioned against ignoring 62 percent of the country dependent on agriculture. “India covers two and a half percent of the total land in the world. It has three and a half percent of the world’s water resources. However, it accounts for 17 percent of the world population. [Given this imbalance], the farmer takes care of the needs of one billion people. His condition must be improved,” Mr Pawar said.

    Sharad Pawar
    Sharad Pawar
  3. On the issue of food security, Mr Pawar called for boosting food production. “To improve agricultural production, budgetary allocation for irrigation has to be expanded, increased power has to be made available and more investments in seeds need to be brought in,” he said.
  4. He called for advancing the food processing sector and packaging facilities to reduce wastage of farm produce. “We lose Rs. 50-crore worth of produce due to a lack of processing units. In Thailand, 70 percent of the food is processed, whereas in India only two percent is,” he said.


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