Mob Abused A Man For Selling Beef, Forced To Eat Pork, Watch 2 Videos

Watch Shameful Videos: Hate Crime? Propaganda Or what?

Hate Crime? Propaganda Or what? In an another shameful incident a Muslim man in Assam on Sunday was assaulted by a mob for allegedly selling beef. The 68-year-old man, identified as Shaukat Ali by the police, runs an eatery which serves meat. During the incident, which took place in Biswanath district, the man was allegedly forced to eat pork by the mob.

In a video doing the rounds on social media, Shaukat Ali can be seen kneeling in mud surrounded by an angry mob. The mob asks Shaukat Ali why he is selling beef and if he has the license to do so.

The irate mob also proceeded to demand that Shaukat Ali declare his nationality, asking if he is Bangladeshi or if he has a National Register of Citizen (NRC) certificate.

‘It’s not an act of ‘communal tension’- Police said

According to reports, the mob also man-handled Kamal Thapa, the manager of the market who tried to resist the mob. The police, however, said it’s not an act of ‘communal tension’.

A First Information Report has been filed against “unknown miscreants” based on two separate complaints filed by one of Ali’s relatives and Thapa, the police said. Biswanath district police chief Rakesh Roushan, however, said it was “not a matter of communal tension”. “The miscreants misbehaved with not only him, but also another person of a different community,” said Roushan.

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Beef is not banned in Assam but there are some rules

While beef is not banned in Assam, cattle slaughter in the state comes under the purview of the Assam Cattle Preservation Act, 1950. According to the law, only cattle above 15 years of age can be slaughtered after obtaining a “fit-for-slaughter” certificate from a state veterinarian.

Assam is implementing the NRC in a bid to weed out illegal citizens. A final draft, published last year, saw names of over 40 lakh people, among a total of 3,29,91,384, applicants missing.

The BJP in its manifesto released on Monday said it “will expeditiously complete” the NRC on priority. The party also said that it would implement NRC in a phased manner across the country.

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