BJP Neta Crosses Line, Makes Skirt Wali’ Comment On Priyanka – WATCH

Skirt Wali ****. BJP Neta Crossed All Limits & Made a Sexist Comment on Priyanka Vadra. Watch Video
Skirt Wali ****. BJP Neta Crossed All Limits & Made a Sexist Comment on Priyanka Vadra. Watch Video

In yet another deplorable incident of sexist and worst jibes at women, a Bharatiya Janata Party leader on Tuesday passed a snide remark and took a low dig at Priyanka Gandhi based on her attire and the kind of clothes she chooses to wear.

Speaking at a public gathering in Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut, Jayakaran Gupta took a veiled jibe at the Congress general secretary for eastern UP and said that she just knows to ask whether ‘achhe din’ (good days) has come in the country.

“Congress ke ek neta toh badi jor-jor bolte hain, acche din aaye? acche din aaye? Unhe acche din dikhayi nahi dete. Arey skirt waali bai saari pehenkar mandir mein shish lagane lagi, gangajal se parhej karne waale log gangajal ka acchman karne lage (One Congress leader has been raising a lot of noise asking whether good days have come in India. They can’t see the good days. The lady who used to wear skirts is now wearing saaris and going to temples for worship, the one who used to stay away from Gangajal is now consuming the holy water),” Gupta said.

Criticised for the remark, Jayakaran Gupta later backtracked, saying: “Many people are doing that. Now you need to see who fits under that description.”

Many sexist comments have been made since Priyanka Gandhi joined politics in January.

Last month, a BJP lawmaker Harish Dwivedi from Uttar Pradesh said, “Priyanka Gandhi wears jeans and top in Delhi but when she comes to rural areas she wears sari ad indoor.”

Another senior BJP leader, Kailash Vijayavargiya, had said that the Congress was fielding “Chocolatey faces” because it has a shortage of strong leaders. To clarify his stand, he said he had meant film stars and not any political leader.

Retaliating to Mr Vijayavargiya’s comments, a Madhya Pradesh minister, Sajjan Singh Verma, had said: “It is the BJP’s bad luck that they do not have someone as beautiful as Priyanka Gandhi in their party. They have one Hema Malini and they make her dance to classical songs for votes.”

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