Couldn’t He Get Desi Bananas?’ Smriti Irani Trolled Rahul Gandhi

Even the plant distribution idea was also copied by congress! Smriti Irani Trolled Rahul Gandhi! Read more to know
Even the plant distribution idea was also copied by congress! Smriti Irani Trolled Rahul Gandhi! Read more to know

Union minister Smriti Irani has used hundreds of high-yield banana plants gifted by Congress president Rahul Gandhi to farmers in Amethi to launch a fresh attack at him.

Irani said, “Rahul Gandhi criticises the RSS and Prime Minister Narendra Modi all over the country but he is treading the RSS path of planting banana trees.”

“I came to know that Rahul Gandhi is getting bananas seeds of foreign origin planted here, he could not get even banana plants in the country… he should know that poverty cannot be eradicated by planting a couple of banana saplings,” she stressed.

Irani was fielded by the BJP in the 2014 elections to make inroads in the Gandhi family pocket borough. She did lose the battle but managed to succeed to reduce the Congress leader’s victory margin to 1 lakh votes in 2014, down from 3 lakh five years earlier.

But she has made it a point to keep returning to Amethi and nurture the constituency. It helps that the BJP is in power at the state and centre and there are programmes and schemes that she can launch.

Congress Party is dedicated to only one family!

“The Congress is a party dedicated to one family… how can it work for the development of the country or Amethi,” said Irani after inaugurating and dedicating to the people various schemes worth Rs 77 crores in Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s parliamentary constituency.

Irani also flaunted the schemes that she had come with.

“We have come with schemes worth Rs 776 lakh for Amethi while Rahulji is distributing Israeli bananas to Amethi,” she said, underlining that the BJP government had unveiled the schemes “to honour our commitment made by PM Narendra Modi”.

Smriti Irani also took a broad swipe at the Congress president who she said, often criticises the RSS, the ideological mentor of the BJP. “Despite Congress governments ill treating RSS cadre, the Sangh-run Bhaurao Deoras Nyas is in the process of setting up a Rs 10 crore healthcare facility for Amethi. This is what Sangh is,” she said. (Also Read: Smriti Irani Has A Savage Reply To Trolls Over Her Bloody Pad Comment)

The idea was also copied by congress

The minister added that the idea of distributing the banana plants originated from another programme of the RSS-run organisation. “Even banana plant gift idea was born out of distribution of plants and fruits to over 50000 families of Amethi by Bhaurao Deoras Nyas few months back,” she said.

Smriti Irani today responded to Congress chief Rahul Gandhi’s 15-minute debate challenge on Rafale fighter jets with a barb on Amethi. The challenge was to Prime Minister Narendra Modi – the latest of several issued by the Congress chief.

“If he wants to challenge, he can come to PMO. Let him speak on the issues related to the country without a paper,” the minister said, adding, “It will be a big thing if he could even tell you the names of the Gram Panchayats in Amethi”.

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