Open Letter From Ram Gopal Verma For Sridevi Fans That Explain Harsh Reality Of Her Life

Open Letter From Ram Gopal Verma For Sridevi Fans That Explain Harsh Reality Of Her Life
Open Letter From Ram Gopal Verma For Sridevi Fans That Explain Harsh Reality Of Her Life

Recently Ram Gopal Verma wrote an open letter to Sridevi’s fan. The letter explains the whole life of the versatile actor in a just single page. He said that she was the captured bird and now actually or truly is at rest and peace. Here we are showing some important sayings of this letter below.

Firstly he said…

“YES like millions of you ,I too believed that she was the most beautiful and desirable woman ever and we all know that she was the biggest super star of the country and ruled the silver screen as a main heroine for more than 20 years

But that’s just a part of the story. However shocked and sad I feel about Sridevi’s death, it’s finally once again a rude reminder about how unpredictable, cruel ,fragile and mysterious that both life and death are.”

About her painful struggle With Parents


“In those days actors used to be only paid in mostly black money and due to fear of tax raids her father used to trust friends and relatives and everyone of them betrayed her the moment her father died. Coupled with this the ignorant mother made many wrong investments in litigated properties and all those mistakes combined made her almost penny less by the time Boney came into her life

He himself was in huge debts and all he could afford was to give her a shoulder to cry on

Her mother became a mental patient because of a wrong surgery on her brain in USA and somewhere along the way her younger sister Srilatha eloped and got married to their neighbours son. The mother before dying put all properties in sridevis name but her sister put a case on Sridevi claiming that her mother was insane and not in her senses when she signed the will”

Boney ‘s mother Hate Her

srivedi and bony kapoor
srivedi and bony Kapoor

“Boney ‘s mother portrayed her as a home breaker and publically punched her in the stomach in a five star hotel lobby for what she did to Boney’s first wife Mona”

She Builds A psychological wall around herself

“She always came across as a little uptight but that’s because she built a psychological wall around her as she was scared of anybody to really see what’s going on within her. She was panicky about anybody knowing what her insecurities were.

Not because of her fault, but because she was thrust with fame from a very young age it never gave her a chance to be independant and be what she could really be and what she really wanted to be”

sridevi with her family
sridevi with her family

Now she is really in rest and peace

“Sridevi is actually a child trapped in a woman’s body ..she is naive as a person, but suspicious because of her bitter experiences which is not a very good combination . Keeping the speculations on her death aside I generally don’t say ” Rest In Peace” after people die, but in her case I want to really say this because I very strongly believe that she would finally and truly rest in peace now for the first time in her life because she died”

Ram Gopal Verma lastly says that…

“From my personal experience with her, the only time I ever saw her in peace was in front of the camera that too only between Action and Cut ..That’s because she could cut off the harsh reality and escape into her own fantasy world

That’s why now I am sure she will be at peace forever because she’s finally far far away from what gave her and was giving her so much pain

RIP Sridevi, but I assure u that the world won’t rest in peace for doing this to you”




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