Why Is Everyone Sad On Twitter?

Indians Including Foreign Diplomats Are Sad On Twitter And Sushma Swaraj Is The Reason.
Indians Including Foreign Diplomats Are Sad On Twitter And Sushma Swaraj Is The Reason.

Twitter users in India are expressing their disappointment over Sushma Swaraj not getting the role of Extern Affairs Minister in the new Modi government. 

Sushma Swaraj who was appointed as the External Affairs Minister in 2014 when Modi’s first cabinet was sworn-in on May 26, had won over the Internet several times.

Those who are guessing why is internet so obsessed with Swaraj, let us tell you that during her tenure, she was quite popular among the Indian diaspora and the compatriots stranded anywhere across the globe. Just one tweet to her regarding the problem and she would immediately swing into action.

There are countless stories of how she reached out to people over the medium of the Internet and helped them.

As she bid goodbye to the cabinet yesterday, Netizens came out to thank her and share how much they’d miss her.

Twitter got very emotional over her departure, finding stories of people who she had touched in her term. 

However, it is not that Twitterati aren’t pleased with the appointment of S Jaishankar as Minister of External Affairs. India’s longest serving foreign secretary in recent times is the surprise pick in the Modi cabinet and netizens are quite elated to see an outsider and experienced person getting a suitable designation. 

He definitely has to win over the Internet’s heart, as Swaraj has left behind really high standards. And her wit.

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