Humanity Shamed! Tamil Nadu Man Poisons 18 Dogs

People were alarmed when the dogs were dying one after another.
People were alarmed when the dogs were dying one after another. (Image Used For Representational Purpose Only)

Everyday, India wakes up to horrific stories of attacks on people by street dogs and equally horrific acts of cruelty towards dogs. Now, another shocking case has emerged in Tirupur, Tamilnadu. The Tirupur North police received a complaint against a fish vendor, who allegedly poisoned 18 dogs to death. A group of residents from Konganagiri on the college road of the city have lodged the complaint. The residents were alarmed when the dogs one after another were dying.

Reportedly, residents found the dogs dead with foaming from their mouth on May 13, followed by four other dogs the next day. Some dogs were struggling for life and they were immediately given medical treatment.

According to a report in the Times of India (TOI), doctors at the private clinic said that the animals had consumed poison. One of the residents, whose dog died mysteriously showed a CCTV footage showing a man on a moped giving food to the dogs, who later died after consuming the food. 

Reportedly, the accused was identified as Gopal, a fisher vendor residing in the area. A resident named Manikandan told TOI that Gopal catches fishes from an irrigation tank at night, bring them to his house and clean them before supplying to food stalls and hotels. Reportedly, sometimes these stray dogs would bark at him and irked over the regular chase, he killed the dogs by giving them fishes laced with poison. 

Meanwhile, another resident told TOI that the authorities should take action against Gopal and save the dogs. When the residents confronted Gopal about the same he refuted all claims. The residents mentioned that police should arrest the accused and take stringent action against him. 

Violence against dogs

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People were alarmed when the dogs were dying one after another. (Image Used For Representational  Purpose Only)
(Image Used For Representational Purpose Only)

This is not the first case of dog poisoning. Many such cases have been highlighted before also but due to lack of strict rules against animal abuse, these culprits kill innocent dogs. Lack of stringent rules is responsible for such crimes against animals. If anyone has problem with stray dogs or any other animal then there are many helpline numbers that take care of such animals. So, killing them with such brutality is not a solution.

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