The Timeline Of Foreign Invaders of India:- They Crossed All The Limits Of Cruelty

The Timeline Of Foreign Invaders of India:- They Crossed The Limits Of Cruelty
The Timeline Of Foreign Invaders of India:- They Crossed The Limits Of Cruelty

The history of India begins with the Indus valley civilisation. But after fallen of the great Indus valley civilisation. Many foreign invaders of India came and was ruled here. We are sharing the story of some important foreign invaders of India.

The first of the major invasions came from Alexander of Macedonia. His invasion of India was intended to bring Greek culture to India and to encourage cultural exchange between the Indic and Hellenic worlds.

Just as India was about to successfully throw off the yoke of Islamic barbarism after nearly 1000 years of slaughter, the British and Portuguese came with their missionaries. They tried to finish what Islam had begun, beginning centuries more of colonial strangulation of the great Vedic Culture of India, until finally, India won her Independence in 1947.  By then, so much damage had been done that India was forced to accept partition along religious lines and give up much of her northern territories to what are today the Islamic States of Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Foreign Invaders of India
Foreign Invaders of India



Alexander was the King of Macedonia, a nation north of the city-states of ancient Greece, which was heavily influenced by the Hellenic (Greek) culture.  Alexander was just 21 years old in the year 336 B.C.E., when he decided to invade India, after having conquered much of Asia Minor and the Middle East. At the time, King Taxiles ruled a large area in India.

2. THE ARAB INVASIONS:-636 C.E. – 850 C.E.


In one of the Hadiths (Muslim scripture) the Prophet Muhammad is quoted as saying “Two groups of my Ummah, Allah has protected from the hellfire: a group that will conquer India and a group that will be with Isa ibnu Maryam (Jesus, son of Mary).”  The first attempted invasion of India by Muslims occurred in 636 CE — under Caliph Umar, within four years of Muhammad’s death. The first 16 invasion attempts utterly failed.  But the 17th attempt to invade India by Muhammad bin Qâsim, which was carried out against the wishes of the Kalifate, was successful.

3. THE TURKISH INVASION:-1000 C.E. – 1206 C.E.


The break-up of the Gurjara-Pratihara empire led to a phase of political uncertainty in north India. As a result, little attention was paid to the emergence of the aggressive and expansionist Turks from north-west.


4. Mahmud of Ghazni

Mahmud of Ghazni

Mahmud of Ghazni raided the country in 1000 AD, with his first great victory against the Hindushahi kings of Peshawar. The Muslim rulers of Multan were the second targets. In a short period of 25 years, he is said to have made 17 raids into India. From Punjab, Mahmud raided Nagarkot in the Punjab hills and Thanesar near Delhi.

5. Muhammad of Ghuri

Muhammad of Ghuri

The second Turkish attack was led by Mu’izzu’d-Din Muhammad (also known as Muhammad Ghuri), who conquered Sindh and Lahore in 1182. Soon after, he commenced his attack on the Rajput kingdoms. Prithviraj Chauhan successfully led the Rajputs against Ghuri at the first battle of Tarain in 1191 AD.



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