These top 3 NGOs were actually celebrating Children’s Day: Join and support to save innocence

These top 3 NGOs were actually celebrating Children's Day: Join and support to save innocence
These top 3 NGOs were actually celebrating Children's Day: Join and support to save innocence

Many NGOs and organizations for social change have mushroomed in India in the previous decade but very few have expanded on the basis of scale and the impact on the community. After all, it’s a herculean task to scrape through red tapism in the government to be able to establish an NGO in the first place.

And considering the lack of transparency in transactions in our country, donations and sponsorships too are not easy to receive too. In spite of all these hurdles, there are a few NGOs that have made substantial social impact in India until now.

3. Smile Foundation

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Formed in 2002, the Smile Foundation promotes the cause of education amongst underprivileged children. The people behind the Smile Foundation have envisaged children to be the building blocks of the future and hence have developed programs ranging from healthcare, education, livelihood, women empowerment to a system where privileged children can help their underprivileged counterparts.

To cite a more familiar example, the award winning documentary “I am Kalam” that was based on a cause for children was supported by the Smile Foundation.

Visit the website for more details: Smile Foundation

2. Nanhi Kali

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Nanhi Kali is a sponsorship project that was started by Anand Mahindra in 1996, with the aim of breaking the vicious circle of poverty in India by educating the girl child. In partnership with 21 others NGOs that help the Nanhi Kali project to implement its cause, every sponsor gives a selected girl child the required academic and material support.

You too, can sponsor the education of a girl child with just Rs. 2400 or Rs. 3600 a year and get regular reports regarding her progress. Did you know that the goal of Project Nanhi Kali is to support education for 1,00,000 girl children by this year end?

Visit the website for more details: Nanhi Kali

1. Pratham Education Foundation

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The leading learning organization is one of the top 10 NGOs in India. It was created with the purpose of improving the quality of education in India. It is one of the leading non-governmental organizations in country. Pratham was established in 1995 for providing education to children in the slums of Mumbai. The motive behind the Pratham Education is to improve the quality of education.

Visit the website for more details: Pratham Education Foundation

Whether you have monetary resources to give away or your time to be donated with some hands-on community work, you have many transparent donation options in India to choose from. With a variety of methods of giving now available, make sure you do your bit of good towards the society!

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