Death By Starvation or Illness? Chilling & Scary Facts Are Emerging!

Death By Starvation or Illness? Chilling & Scary Facts Are Emerging! The father, Mangal Singh, gave some
Death By Starvation or Illness? Chilling & Scary Facts Are Emerging! The father, Mangal Singh, gave some "unknown medicine" to his daughters by "mixing it in hot water" during the night of July 23 and he has not returned since the morning of July 24. Chilling and scary details are emerging!

In a tragic incident, Mansi (8) and her sisters, Shikha (4) and Paro (24 July 2018), were found dead on Tuesday ( at a house they had temporarily moved into three days ago. According to the post-mortem, the three died of malnutrition/starvation and its complications. A second post-mortem report has confirmed death due to starvation and that there was no trace of fat on their bodies.

A magisterial probe into the starvation deaths of three sisters in Delhi suggests that they may have died after their father gave them an “unknown medicine”.

Sub-divisional magistrate Arun Gupta stated in his report that the three children used to eat “some food regularly”, despite their nutritional conditions being poor. The report also said that the three minor sisters were suffering from “loose motion” and “vomiting”, which may have been caused due to some kind of “stomach infection”.

Doctors who conducted the initial autopsy of the three girls at Lal Bahadur Shastri hospital, however, reiterated that the deaths were a “clear case of starvation”. “There was no trace of fat on their bodies. Postmortem showed the stomach was absolutely empty. It’s a case of gross malnutrition,” said Dr Amita Saxena, the MS of Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital.

Mandawali children did get some food items regularly
Death By Starvation or Illness?
Death By Starvation or Illness?

The father of the three girls who allegedly died due to starvation on Tuesday in Mandawali, gave an “unknown medicine” to them the night before their death,the inquiry report of the area Sub-Divisional Magistrate has found.

Though the post-mortem report had said the girls — Mansi (8), Shikha (4) and Parul (2) — died of starvation or malnutrition, the report by SDM (Preet Vihar) Arun Gupta, which was submitted to the Delhi government on Friday, concluded there was need for further investigation.

The report concluded that the victims were given some medicine mixed with hot water by their father on Monday night.

“Fact that all 3 died on same day (24 July) & their father gave them unknown medicine by mixing it in hot water on night of 23 July & that he hasn’t returned since morning of 24 July, raise an element of doubt & require further probe,” Sub-Divisional Magistrate said.

The SDM also added that a deeper investigation is needed in the case as reports of viscera and postmortem are awaited from GTB hospital, and mother of the three deceased girls is mentally unstable to properly depose.

The SDM had submitted the report on the death of three minor sisters in Mandawali. The report mentioned that an amount of Rs 1805 was available in the bank account in Mansi’s name (eldest deceased). They were suffering from loose motion and vomiting but they were not provided adequate oral rehydration solution (ORS) and proper medication that might have caused dehydration’.

The report said that despite suffering from loose motions, the three girls “were not given adequate ORS”.

“The police are relying on the initial autopsy report which says that the girls did not have any trace of food in their digestive system. But, acute loose motions can clear one’s entire system of food and water. It cannot be decisively concluded that the girls died only because of starvation,” said an advisor in the deputy chief minister’s office, (report by Hindustan times)

‘They shifted house often’

Another report prepared by the Integrated Child Development Services through Delhi government’s women and child development department stated that benefits under the Angawadi scheme and the National Food Security Act could not reach the children because the family “used to shift houses” often.

“The benefits could not reach her as the family used to keep moving houses. Sometimes they have even gone to West Bengal to stay for a few months,” an official from the department said.

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