The TRUTH behind a Tokyo restaurant serving human meat

The truth behind a Tokyo restaurant serving human meat
The truth behind a Tokyo restaurant serving human meat

Discussion about cannibalism can be both disturbing and disgusting for most people, but a post is being shared widely on Facebook with the claim that a restaurant in Japan is serving human meat.

India Today Anti Fake News War Room (AFWA) has found that this is quite an old hoax which has resurfaced yet again.

The archived version of the post can be seen here.

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Phoebe Bayta, a social media user, shared a link to a Facebook group called Top Tier Cringeposting. The link refers to a website called The Youth.

Last year, the website published an article that reads: “Tokyo saw the opening of the first restaurant in the world that legally serves a dish consisting of human meat as an ingredient. The restaurant named ‘The Resoto ototo no shoku ryohin’, which translates to ‘Edible Brother’ in English, was opened for its potential customers from Japan and the world over to come and dine in.”

The headline of the article said: “World’s First Restaurant Serving Human Meat Opens In Japan”.

Quoting an Argentinian tourist, the article talked in detail about the strong and peculiar spices used to cook the dish. He claimed to have tasted the ‘human meat’ dish served by the restaurant. According to the article, the restaurant offers a diverse menu with dishes priced between 100 to 1,000 USD. But the dish with human flesh, is the costliest, at around 1,193 US dollars, it stated.

The article went on to claim that in 2014, Japan had passed a law making consumption of human flesh legal.

The website published the article with a disclaimer at the bottom that it “does not verify the authenticity of the information given above”.

In the past, a lot of Facebook users such as Hemen Basumatary and Le Nouvel Ordre Mondialshared the same claim.

A few video channels on YouTube such as Devesh Kumar and GabeHashTV too published the same news, claiming that human meat is on sale in Japan.

AFWA found out that the rumours of human flesh on sale have resurfaced on the internet.

International fact-checking website debunked the same claim in 2017. Another news and lifestyle website also rubbished the articles about ‘Edible Brothers’ as hoax.

Earlier, the Japanese Embassy in the US also denied the news about any such restaurant in Japan. Thomas Mattingly, the spokesperson at the Embassy of Japan in Washington, gave a statement saying, “There are no Tokyo restaurants offering human meat on the menu and cannibalism has not been legalised in Japan despite a false story circulating online.”


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