Why tomatoes are given armed guards in Indore market?

tomato crates bieng loaded into truck
Tomato CRates bieng loaded into a truck. PC : hindustantimes.

At a Madhya pradesh vegetable market located in Indore, one could see armed men guarding tomatoes while the cartons are bought out of truck and sold to customers. This guards were deployed beacause the prices of tomato sky rocketed  in many parts of the country recently.

The prices of tomato have touched Rs 100 per kilogram, as there is shortage of the vegetable bacause of decline in supply. The key tomato producing regions have experienced heavy rainfall due to which the tomato crop was affected. The prices will remain high until the improved production hits the retail market.

According to a report by news agency ANI, an incident of 300 kilograms tomato were stolen from a vegetable market of Mumbai Dahisar on 20th July. The worth of tomatoes were calculated Rs 70,000. A complaint was registered in nearby police station, but there was no CCTV in market , so police cannot nab the thieves. A case is registered against the unknown men.


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