Indian Railway Food, Some Important Facts About It


When you are travelling by train for long journey you always take some food in train. but do you know what is the food is eaten on the train, you know what is the price of this meal, which is provided by Indian Railway, is fixed charges No one can charge more than the fixed prices from you. However, in the last few days, there were many complaints of charging more than the fixed price.

Public food Or Janta Khana The cheapest food is the in the railway. According to the Indian Railways, 7 Puri and Aloo Sabzi are available in Janta Khana plate. Along with this, you get 15 grams of pickle packet also with it. If you take the meal on railway platform you will pay to 15 rupees for this. You can not charge more than 20 rupees for this inside the train. If someone does this, you can complain about it.

vegetarian dinner plate your fixed menu is 150 grams of Pulav or plain rice in a served by the Railways. With this, 2 parathas or 5 puris. Apart from this, 100 grams Mix Veg pickle and 150 grams of dal or Sambar are available. 15 grams of pickle and 250 ml packed water is also available. You have to pay 45 rupees for this, If you take vegetarian food inside the train, you will have to pay 50 rupees for it.

Non-vegetarian food, you have to put it in Egg curry place of Mix Veg. other things are similar to the vegetarian plate.What is the price eat on the platform, then you have to pay 50 rupees and inside the train, you will have to pay 55 rupees for this.

Breakfast vegetarian you get two veg cutlets of 100 grams. Along with this, 10 grams butter, 2 bread slices and 15 grams of tomato ketchup are fixed.The second option in breakfast is Idli, which weighs 200 g. 4 large urad vada 120 grams and 50 grams of chutney is also available.breakfast, you will have to pay 25 rupees to the railway station and 30 rupees for the train.

Breakfast non-veg You get two bread slices, 10 grams butter, 2 eggs and tomato ketchup. For this, you have fixed 30 rupees on the railway platform and 35 rupees in the here is the list of train meal first of all always avoid bad meal. if you have any complaints regarding train meal you can contact immediately train authorities.


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