Twitter replaces Valentine’s Day as sister’s day,see this out


Valentine’s Day is always quite exciting. Whether it be because of all the love in the air, or because of the bans that occur. Living in Pakistan, a day like this is bound to create a storm. This year, it’s a rather amusing controversy.

A university in Faisalabad has sparked quite a debate after announcing plans to celebrate ‘Sister’s’ Day’ as an alternate to Valentine’s Day.

Zafar Iqbal, the vice-chancellor of Faisalabad Agricultural University, ‘Sisters’ Day’ has been conceived with the aim of promoting respect for women. “Unlike in the West, our religious values encourage respect for women and guarantee protection of their rights,” Iqbal said at a university event last week.

Apparently, male students will be providing their female peers with gifts. However, these aren’t any old presents – they’re burqas and scarves and people weren’t that happy. But it wasn’t just the women that spoke up this time.

“Faisalabad University, if you are so concerned about your sisters’ well being, why don’t you pledge to allow them to inherit equally. I bet that would mean more to them than this monkey’s tail of a day,” someone tweeted.

“This is completely irrational. Like celebrating Sister’s Day won’t stop people from doing what they want to do, creating an opposite event to the existing one will only increase its value. If your purpose is to stop it, it won’t,” said one user.

Another tweeted, Why can’t they just gift them some money and let them decide whatever they want to buy for them. If it’s Sister’s Day then this is what we do to our sisters. No brother buys her sister any clothes. We give them money and let them decide whatever they want for themselves.”

Some even tried making light of the situation, “#SistersDay on February 14th: A brilliant idea because who doesn’t need a new pair of abaya and scarf!? Do we get to choose the colour and style? What if they get the wrong size? What about return and exchange policies? Will it be rude to forward it to a friend who actually wears it?”

Well, we can’t say we didn’t see these responses coming. What are your thoughts?


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