After Flop Hero Jibe, Vivek Oberoi Attacks Congress & Gandhi

Seems Like Vivek Oberoi Is Not In Good Mood After Congress Called Him Flop Hero
Seems Like Vivek Oberoi Is Not In Good Mood After Congress Called Him Flop Hero

Vivek Oberoi has been in news these days for his upcoming movie PM Narendra Modi. The Congress party has been trying hard to put a ban or at least delay the release of PM Narendra Modi as it is going to hit the screens just around the election time.

Recently, Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said it was a “bogus film of a flop hero”. After this, Vivek Oberoi too lost his calm.

In an interview to NDTV, the Bollywood star who plays Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a new biopic has denied that the timing of his film has anything to do with elections.

“It is my prerogative to release the film when I want,” says Mr Oberoi, who adds that his film doesn’t necessarily help the BJP during election season.

“Everyone has a constitutional right to make a film they believe in, to release it when they choose to release it and the viewers have a right to watch it, consume it, enjoy it. Does somebody ask an actor why they release their films on Eid or Christmas or Diwali?”

At the same time, Mr Oberoi has said that he is a fan of Prime Minister Modi and calls him inspirational. “It’s not every day that you get the opportunity to play an incredible story like this about a young boy juggling between going to school and selling tea on a railway station with no political backing, with no international education, with no exposure or experience, with no money behind him, and yet rises without the backing of a jaati or a community or a caste to become the Prime Minister of this country and to become a world leader who looks eye to eye with the President of America or the Prime Minister of Japan.”

Asked whether the Prime Minister has seen the film, Mr Oberoi said that the answer to that question, like the climax to his film, will remain a suspense. “Some things are meant to be between some people alone”.

Asked whether the Prime Minister had reviewed the script, he said “how does a man who runs this country have the time to do all these things?”

On A Biopic on Rahul Gandhi

Seems Like Vivek Oberoi Is Not In Good Mood After Congress Called Him Flop Hero
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“Why should I make a biopic on Rahul Gandhi? What has he done that is noteworthy,” says actor Vivek Oberoi in an interview to NDTV. “I’d have to shoot most of the film in Thailand,” he further adds, taking a dig at the Congress president.

The Congress has filed a complaint against the film with the Election Commission, alleging its release close to the national election violates model code of conduct. Last week, Vivek Oberoi appeared before the poll body in response to a notice it served.

Vivek Oberoi’s biopic on PM Modi has still not been released even though the Election Commission has reportedly cleared the film for release.

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