Why Rahul Gandhi Did Not Get Married? The Two Solid Proofs Are Here!

Congress president Rahul Gandhi said he believes in destiny when it comes to marriage.
Congress president Rahul Gandhi said he believes in destiny when it comes to marriage.

Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy on Monday met Congress president Rahul Gandhi at his residence and conveyed his best wishes ahead of Rahul’s birthday on Tuesday.

Rahul Gandhi celebrated his 48th birthday today. But the question is still on my mind that why Rahul Gandhi did not get married till now. We researched and found some points below.

Congress president Rahul Gandhi said he believes in destiny when it comes to marriage.

Boxer Vijender Singh conversion with Rahul Gandhi

Boxer Vijender asked Gandhi, who took questions after his valedictory address at the annual session of PHD Chambers of Commerce when he was getting married, and as the query evoked laughter in the audience, the Congress vice president smiled uneasily and asked the boxer to let go of the topic.


However, Vijender persisted and asked if Gandhi wanted to marry after becoming the prime minister. The 47-year-old Congress leader then said, “I believe in destiny. Jab hogi, hogi. (It will happen when it has to happen).”

In 2013, in an interaction with his partymen, Gandhi had suggested that he did not want to marry and start a family. “If I get married and have children, I will be status-quoist and will like my children to take my place,” he had told them.

He is believed to have had a South American girlfriend while he was working in London before he arrived in India in the early 2000s to join politics. In 2016, there was intense speculation on whether Gandhi had finally decided to get married. BJP leader Subramanian Swamy had tweeted, saying the Congress scion was marrying a Brahmin girl from Uttar Pradesh.

Meanwhile, replying to Vijender’s query on why politicians were not interested in sports, Rahul said he was not one of them. “I exercise, I run, I swim. I don’t talk about it publicly, but sports is very important in my life. I devote one hour every day to sports,” he said.

He agreed to a suggestion from Vijender to put videos of his involvement in sporting activities online.

Rahul Gandhi and Aditi
Rahul Gandhi and Aditi

Another point

Despite his earlier hints of never getting married and dedicating his life to the Congress cause, sources confirmed that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is ready to give up his bachelorhood and tie the knot. Though the 45-year-old Gandhi scion insisted that his first love will still be the Congress party and making it more democratic, he feels that he has met the right woman to settle down.

facebook page of rahul gandhi
facebook page of Rahul Gandhi

Who is the girl you ask?
The identity of Rahul’s lady love has been carefully kept under wraps. But we can confirm that she is an Indian with an impressive academic background. Way back in 2004, Gandhi had admitted to having a girlfriend, but the relationship with his Spanish girlfriend soon fizzled out and he was later seen only the company of his brother-in-law Robert Vadra or hanging out with his party workers and other male friends. But the good news is that Mama Gandhi has given her blessings to the soon-to-be-wedded couple. The family is believed to be planning an official announcement once they fix a date.


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