Woman Chops Ex- Boyfriend To Pieces; Cooks, Feeds Him To Workers

Victim’s brother spotted HUMAN TOOTH in blender! Shocking details inside!
Victim’s brother spotted HUMAN TOOTH in blender! Shocking details inside!

A bizarre incident has come to the fore in Abu Dhabi, where a woman allegedly killed her ex-boyfriend, cooked his remains into a Moroccan dish and fed it to construction workers in the Arabian country.

According to the report of the Arabian newspaper, the accused while confessing to the prosecutors said that she killed her boyfriend who was in his twenties to seek revenge after she was dumped by him.

The Girlfriend Butchered The Victim

According to Khaleej Times, the woman told the prosecution that she butchered the victim – who was in his 20s – to get back at him for dumping her. After serving some portions to the workers, she later “threw the rest of the remains to the dogs in the neighbourhood,” the report said.

The deceased’s brother noticed a human tooth in the blender

The murder occurred months ago but the matter came to light recently after the brother of the deceased boy went to the couple’s house in search of him. When he asked the woman about him, she denied any information saying that they broke up after she ascertained that he had an affair with some other woman. The deceased’s brother noticed a human tooth in the blender, and a DNA test later confirmed that the tooth belonged to the missing man. During interrogation, the woman said she took help from a friend, who helped her clean the apartment after the crime.

Authorities say she cooked his butchered remains for a traditional rice and meat dish known as machboos.

The woman pretended to be mentally ill and insisted she has committed the crime in a state of insanity. The woman was sent to hospital for medical tests to diagnose her mental condition. Police say the woman will face trial after a full investigation is complete.

This is not the first time that a victim has been murdered and coked by their partner. In 2014, a man killed his transsexual girlfriend in Brisbane in an incident of domestic violence. He later tried to dispose of her body by cooking the remains. But was caught when the power went out and he called the electrician to his house to fix it with the body still in the pot.

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