Who are the Women of steel? What is #BeyondMeToo? Read to know

Who are the Women of steel? What is #BeyondMeToo? Read to know
Who are the Women of steel? What is #BeyondMeToo? Read to know

The iTV network ‘women of steel’ summit is a celebration of Indian women who’ve made a mark across fields that celebrate the role of the Bharatiya nari (women) in the creation of a new India, from the arts, sporting arenas, young women entrepreneurs, to emerging domains like social media influencers, to politics and public service. The summit seeks to give women a platform to air their experiences, their messages to the Indian public at large and to recognise the spirit of their enterprise, grit and dedication.

At a time when women have made great strides and have found a voice in creating a gender-neutral and women empowered world, the summit seeks to engage both those who have climbed the rungs of glory and achievement and bring them together with those that have just begun.


The summit also seeks to recognise and award women who are emerging as leaders for tomorrow across their respective fields, to give a boost to their talent and efforts. The summit sessions will be telecast live on #NewsX and other iTV network platforms.

It brings to a 2nd chapter a committed effort by iTV to showcase the best and brightest of India’s women change makers that was begun on this independence day with a special two-hour broadcast.

The summit is also taking a special focus on young women social media influencers who are charting a new global path as yet unseen. We would like to see the summit to be the forum, platform and take off point for such young women achievers.


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