Meet The Wonder Girl Jahnavi


Since childhood, some kids are very talented here we are talking about wonder girl Jhanavi A girl from a small village in India is very talented she speaks fluent English but as she also can speak in 8 languages as well as. When she comes to speak English, the speech of very impressive, Jahanavi Panwar, a 13-year-old girl who lives in Malpur village of Samalkha in Haryana, can speak in 8 languages. she has been trending on social media. People are saying ‘Wonder girl’. Let’s know about Jhanvi-

Why Jahnavi being called Wonder Girl

Jahnavi has passed 12th at the age of 13. Hariyanvi, Hindi, British, American, French Japanese and many more languages ​​which are she able to speak and understand. jahnavi reads news like TV anchors in American and British languages.she has been addressed IAS officer of 8 states.Passing two classes within 1 year and 12th pass at the age of 13 years.

Jhanavi ‘ s Journey


When Jahnavi was two years old, his father used to teach him fruits and vegetables and animals in English. Since then, Jahnavi’s has started English speaking. After that every time she used to talk to people in English only, and gradually learned fluent English.
she started learning languages ​​by watching different language video clips on the internet she used to the listen to English news and learn American and British accents. she has passed 12th and now her aim is to become an IAS of luck Jhanvai.


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