World Population Day: Importance, Objecives, Theme! Here’s All You Need To Know

What is the world population day? What is the importance, objectives and theme of the day? What is the UNFPA? Why population control is necessary? Read on to know more
What is the world population day? What is the importance, objectives and theme of the day? What is the UNFPA? Why population control is necessary? Read on to know more

The World Population Day is a United Nations’ initiative celebrated on the 11th of July every year. It was established by the then-Governing Council of the United Nations Development programme in 1989. The day is an important event to spread information of population-related issues across the globe.

This is an event to spread awareness about population-related issues around the world. Those issues can be related to overpopulation, underpopulation, populations growing too fast and so on.

World Population Day has been established by the United Nations Development Programme in 1989. This day was inspired when the global world population approximately hit 5 billion on Jul 11, 1987. The World Population day deals with issues like gender equality, poverty, family planning, maternal health and human rights.

Theme for 2018
World Population Day
World Population Day

Each year, World Population Day is given a theme. World Population day will run on the theme “Family Planning is a Human right” this year.

What is the importance of World Population Day?
World Population Day
World Population Day

The importance of the World Population Day, observed on July 11 every year, lies in the fact that the world holds 7,025,071,966 people as on July 9, 2012, a leap of over 2.5 times over the last fifty years, while earth’s resources remain finite.

Because of the increasing population millions of people suffer from poverty, starvation, malnutrition, diseases, illiteracy, lack of access to healthcare, wars and all kinds of social, political and economic injustice.

World Population Day is a day of awareness; one which tries to get people to know and learn about population issues. Population issues include things like family planning, human rights, right to health, the baby’s health, gender equality, child marriage, use of contraceptives, sex education, knowledge about sexually transmitted disease, etc.

Take a look at some objectives of the World Population Day 2018:
World Population Day
World Population Day

* The day is celebrated to empower both, young boys and girls.

* It aims at educating them about how to avoid unwanted pregnancies at a young age.

* The day ensures the access of primary education for both girls and boys.

* Another objective is to educate people to remove gender stereotypes from the society.

* It is an event to educate people about sexually transmitted infections and how they can be prevented.

* Ensures easy access to reproductive health care services to every couple.

* Demanding certain laws for protecting the rights of a girl child.

* To offer knowledge about sexuality and continue delaying marriages until and unless one is able to understand the responsibilities which come along with it.

What is the UNFPA
World Population Day
World Population Day

The UNFPA works to support family planning by trying to ensure supply of contraceptives, tries to strengthen national health system. UNFPA has been advocating for policies that support family planning.

UNFPA Executive Director Natalia Kanem said in her statement, “Family planning is not only a matter of human rights; it is also central to women’s empowerment, reducing poverty and achieving sustainable development.”

“This threatens their ability to build a better future for themselves, their families and their communities. UNFPA is fully committed to continuing to support countries’ efforts to uphold the right of individuals, especially women, to plan a family. We are striving to end all unmet need for voluntary family planning in developing countries, by 2030”, she added.

The United Nations has list down, ‘ Nine standards to uphold the human rights to family planing’ They are:-
  1. Non-discrimination
  2. Available
  3. Acceptable
  4. Good quality
  5. Informed decision-making
  6. Privacy
  7. Confidentiality
  8. Participation
  9. Accountability.
What is the world population?

The current world population is about 7.6 billion people and growing, according to Worldometers.

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