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World Wetland Day: Facts & Significance of Wetlands in India & The World

Importance of Wetlands
Importance of Wetlands

Throughout the world, World Wetlands Day is internationally recognised on February 2 on the anniversary of the Convention of Wetlands adoption in 1971.

The day is celebrated annually on 2 February to raise awareness about the value of wetlands for people, humanity and the planet

Here are interesting facts about this day-

Importance of Wetlands
Importance of Wetlands

* The day was celebrated for the first time in 1997.

* World Wetland day is observed to raise public awareness of wetland values.

* The theme for World Wetlands Day 2018 is ‘Wetlands for a sustainable urban future’.

* The day commemorates the anniversary of the signing of the Ramsar Convention in Ramsar in 1971. The convention is a treaty on the preservation and sustainable use of wetlands to save them..

* The Ramsar Secretariat since 1997, provides outreach materials to raise public awareness about the importance of wetlands.

What are wetlands?

Importance of Wetlands
Importance of Wetlands

Wetlands are parts of landscape that are defined by the presence of water. It occurs where water meets land. In simple words, Wetlands form the links between land and water.

Wetlands can be covered with fresh rivers and lakes, brackish or salt water that’s generally still or slow moving. Wetlands are also called Earth’s kidneys, as these have dynamic and unique environments.

Here are some interesting facts about wetlands that you should not ignore.

Importance of Wetlands
Importance of Wetlands

* Wetlands are homes, places of refuge, feeding and grounds for many species.

* They host a huge variety of life, protect our coastlines and act as a natural sponge against flooding, drought and protect our coastlines.

* Wetlands are the most biologically diverse of all ecosystems.

* Wetlands help to absorb wind forces, tidal forces,  filter, clean and store water. That is why, wetlands are known as kidneys of ecosystems.

Importance of Wetlands
Importance of Wetlands

* More than a billion people and animals depend on wetlands.

* They provide fishes and rice that feed billions. Livelihoods ranging from fishing and rice farming to travel, tourism all depend on wetlands.

* Wetlands purify and replenish our water.

* Water purification, flood control and releasing vegetative matter into the rivers are some of the key roles played by the wetlands.

Why save Wetlands ?

Importance of Wetlands
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Wetlands are very important or a healthy environment as they help to retain water during dry periods maintaining the water table high and relatively stable.

Wetland are increasingly facing several anthropogenic pressures because of rapid increase of human population, large scale changes in land use/landcover and unnecessary  evelopment projects and improper use of watersheds. It is very important to save them as they are under threat.

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