Congress Woman MLA Abuses Babus At A Meeting, Watch

What the hell? S*** hara****, Watch how Congress woman MLA openly abused Babus at a meeting.
What the hell? S*** hara****, Watch how Congress woman MLA openly abused Babus at a meeting.

Various instances of political leaders violating the model code of conduct and losing their cool has been reported during 2019 election time.  One such worst  incident has been reported from Maharashtra’s Amravati where Congress MLA Yashomati Thakur from Teosa abused public officials on camera.

News agency ANI has tweeted a video of the incident with a caution that it contains abusive language.

In the video the honourable Congress MLA is heard criticising and later abusing government officials. The MLA was apparently angry with the officials from the water resources department.

The video shows Yashomati Thakur rising from her seat in anger and shouting at the officials who are sitting across the table. She then picks up something and bangs it on the table and shouts “bloody hell” to the officials as others present look on.

After then, she aggressively points her finger at the officials (who are not visible in the video) and screams “Don’t smile”. This is followed by some expletives.

“What the hell? S*** hara****r, don’t laugh. He is smiling. He is smiling. He is the one who instigated it. He is the one who gave orders. I have recordings. He is the one who is doing injustice. He is the one who’s playing politics. He is doing politics,” she is seen saying in the video. While the official she reportedly hurled papers at is not seen, officials accompanying Thakur can be seen attempting to calm her. 

Yashomati Thakur, Congress MLA from Teosa, clarified about the incident

She said, “Authorities were supposed to release water but didn’t, so we had to become aggressive. We’ve been demanding release of water since last 2 weeks, Collector had also ordered release of water from Upper Wardha but the BJP MLA intervened.”

Why using foul language has become common for politicians?

 Politicians speeches are overflowing with foul-mouthed personal attacks rather than any contentious issue that they may wish to resolve once elected to power. 

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