Adam Gilchrist compare Ms. Dhoni with this great Australian Captain.

gilly and mahi
gilly and mahi

Adam Gilchrist the famous Wicket keeper batsman of Australian cricket team is in limelight these days as his comment about MS. Dhoni is catching attention of all the Indian cricket team fans. Gilchrist after retirement is doing a great work in social media by reviewing all the cricket matches happening these days. He is famous for his batting and wicket keeping skills that most of the people love. His knockout innings in the 2007 world cup final was the best of innings of Adam Gilchrist.Adam said a very good statement about Ms. Dhoni by comparing him with a star Player.

Who’s That player?

That player is none other than the great Australian Skipper ‘Steve Waugh’ the famous captain of Australian cricket team. His batting and captaincy skills are very similar to Ms. Dhoni as said by Gilchrist.

steve waugh
steve waugh

Waugh has been included in a list of one hundred Australian Living Treasures by the National Trust of Australia, awarded the Order of Australia and the Australian Sports Medal. Known as an attacking and sometimes ruthlessly efficient captain, Waugh rebuffed criticism over “manipulation of the points system” during the Cricket World Cup to ensure his team’s progression, and was often critical of the media.

What Gilchrist said? 

In an interview Gilchrist said, “I will give two answers, one from having played underneath and I think Steve Waugh is right there and I perceive MS (Dhoni), one having not played underneath.”

Praising Dhoni, he added, “MS I feel, apart from being a wonderful batsman, wonderful wicket-keeper and a great leader, his greatest quality that I have observed is his calmness under pressure. Of course he is Captain Cool, his calmness under siege or even when things are going well. Such is the passion for cricket in this country that exuberance can spill out of control and you can lose track of things but his calmness in any moment, he is able to bring consistency in emotion and that is admirable.”


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