Shocking! This is how children of China treated during their training session for Olympics.

training of china athletes
training of china athletes

China a developed country of this world.China is so popular in terms of Technology and Olympics. This country has no doubt one of the best athletes in the world. China has great athletes in sports like badminton,Table tennis and many other sports.But the truth behind every athlete is very shocking.Every athlete has to suffer from a very hard training in their childhood which is not suitable for their age group.

Lets take a look at some shocking pictures which explain’s you better how children of china are suffering during their training session.

1Training in a very early age

training of china athletes

You can see the eye-drops of this cute little baby. Who is looking around 4-5 years old.May be her parents forcefully admitted her at this training camp which she don’t like at all and you can see the pain in her eyes. This is not a good thing that you are forcing a small kid to do such activities just for a medal.

2Where everyone play with emotions of this kids

training of china athletes

Every kid in china is forcefully admitted by their parents in the sports academy in a very early age without having the permission of the small kid.They don’t even to know about is their child is interested or not for this training session.In this picture the girls are without any top and someone in the back may be their training expert is forcing this cute girls to stretch their body. Can you imagine at this age they are stretching their body like they are forcefully  preparing for some war. If china do this thing to small children than they are not right.

3Stretching Stretching and Stretching

training of china athletes

No idea that this kid is here by her wish only or forcefully by her parents but seems to be like she is not feeling comfortable anymore in this academy. China has lots of athletes who are very sharp in many sports. If this is the actual reason why china remains at top every year than china is not doing good in terms of humanity.

4Humanity or medals?

training of china athletes

Humanity in china we guess its a word only. Nobody there ever heard this word for sure.Country who is treating their children like this will never like by anyone. Rules are very strict in china everyone knows but you do these activities just because of money and medals. Humanity comes at top everyone knows and china should know this thing.

5Let them do whatever they like !

training of china athletes

No idea who is training them all. Looking like they are all forcefully doing this thing. Just imagine how they suffer when their parents take them into this academy without informing them and asking them about their interest. This is the actual reason children of china are more into Olympics or other games just because of the rude behaviour by their parents in their childhood.

6Who are training them uff!

training of china athletes

Trainers also don’t know the physical conditions of this cute kids.These kids are just in their very early phase. In this phase mostly children doesn’t know about anything and you are training them like mature one’s. Board of Olympics should know this that how their champions getting treatment specially the government of China.

7 Let them live their childhood

training of china athletes

Let the children of china to enjoy their childhood why are you snatching their golden childhood. Just look at the picture and see how these two girls are getting treated by this trainer. They have to go from here but their parents or society doesn’t allow them to go they have full rights to do some other thing like enjoying their childhood.

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The games are planned to be held from 24 July to 9 August 2020 in Tokyo. The city was announced as the host at the 125th IOC Session in Buenos Aires on 7 September 2013.It will also become the largest city ever in Asia to host the Summer Olympics, a distinction currently held by Seoul, which hosted the 1988 Summer Olympics. It will be the second time that Tokyo hosts the Olympics; it previously hosted the 1964 games


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